Monday, June 30, 2008

City of Brotherly Love - well, close enough

Okay, I'm not in Philly but I AM in Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh. And although I've only gone from the airport to downtown (the Westin), what I've seen hasn't been breathtaking...
In all my recent travels I've wondered about the people...what's brought you here? And if you're a native, what keeps you here? I'm curious about the decisions people make to live where they do. Are they deeply rooted and just can't or won't move on? Are they tied to the care of a loved one that keeps them there? Are they simply afraid of making a major move? Have they been transplanted as a result of a job change? And in the less than attractive cities I've been in I think "why are you staying here in this mess"?...
But that's one of the wonderful things about our country - our world. There's something out here for all of us.
Thanks for hosting us Pittsburgh!

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