Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Is Just Like The Other

Look at this...

Now look at this...

Yeah, my thoughts exactly!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sam I Am

Over the holidays, I found myself watching/listening to The Hallmark channel while decorating, cooking, wrapping - you know, doing holiday stuff. I like Hallmark; Hallmark Cards, Hallmark Christmas Tree ornaments (although I don't "use" them), Hallmark stores (they sell Vera Bradley...I DO use Vera Bradley). But this isn't a post about Hallmark. It's just that the subject of this post was seen multiple times on the Hallmark channel. This is a post about being googly. All googly. Am I too old to be googly?

I don't ever remember being googly over any movie star or rock star or anyone of any Hollywood status as a kid. And I'll have to check with my mom but I don't even remember having my walls covered in posters...hmmm, that may explain a lot about me.

But as I turn the pages on my calendar and the years go flitting by, I find myself sighing dreamily at two star-studs - Tom Selleck (have you SEEN Bluebloods????) and this guy...

Sam - then

Now, clearly, Sam Elliott was a good looking young man. And maybe, certainly my opinion of a good looking man has/is changing as I, too, age gracefully. But, regardless of the number of candles on my birthday cake or yours, it's hard to argue that today's version of Sam Elliott is not a fine specimen in deed. But I'm partial to graying hair. And I love wrinkles. They, along with our visible scars, tell our story.

Sam - now

So, if this is what I have to look forward to in the coming years with my husband, I am one lucky girl.

I'll have to ask him how he feels about my aging process.

On second thought, I'm smarter than that.

Keep up the good work, Sam.