Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Seeing more red

And for your continued viewing pleasure... more red at the Mineer's homestead!

My AWESOME red kitchen!! I LOVE my kitchen people. No, I mean I really, really LOVE my kitchen. It's my haven. It's where I create yummies for those I love DEARLY. I wish I had a before shot of the "kitchen". Remember, our house is about 130 years old. When Mike and I bought this place, this is the first room we (with Big Daddy as Foreman) tore out - literally down to the bare slat walls. It was a project filled with memories and love and my father's handprints are EVERYWHERE in here and my DH didn't mind at all that I simply had to have a red kitchen. Aren't I fortunate to wake up to something so sweet as this every morning. I swear, I think my coffee tastes better here!

Oh, and a prized possession for sure. My red hoosier (sp?). Can you believe I actually found this painted my exact shade of red? I tell you this for free, people, there's a story behind this little jewel but I won't take up your time. Just know that I love it and oh the stories it could tell if it could talk...

I cannot wait until tomorrow to post more red photos. And when we're done with this event, I need to share with you the morning Mike and I had today! Another thing to check off my "bucket list".

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