Thursday, July 3, 2008

The First Thankful Thursday of The Month

How appropriate that Thankful Thursday would fall so close to July 4th? This will be easy...
1) I'm thankful for my country and all that it represents;
2) I'm thankful for all the soldiers (including my grandfather, three of my great uncles, my son-in-law and my husband) who fought for the freedom I/we have;
3) I'm thankful for the freedom to worship in my religious house of choice;
4) I'm thankful for the freedom to celebrate the birth of my country openly and free from fear or concern;
5) I'm thankful for all the men and women currently serving in our armed forces - in ALL capacities;
6) I'm thankful for the flag waving graciously and proudly in my front yard;
7) I'm thankful for the soldiers - past, present and future - who have lost or will lose their lives so that I may live freely and free from harm and fear;
8) I'm thankful for all the families of our military personnel - God Bless your courage as well;
9) I'm thankful for the memory of 9-11 I hold close and dear to my heart...I will never forget;
10) I'm thankful for my little piece of heaven in this beautiful nation I call home.
It is with a prayerful heart that I wish each of you a wonderful, safe and blessed 4th of July and that you will take the time to really think about our independence, how we gained it and what it means in your life. And also remember that our country was founded on the Word of God... I wish our current administration hadn't forgotten that and I pray we somehow get back to our "grass roots".
Be safe in your travels, enjoy your time with friends and loved ones, be careful around that barbeque and know that I'm thinking of each of you and hoping you're as grateful for our country as I am. God Bless the USA...

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Chaya Bluma said...

Nicely said. I really like your "Thankful Thursday" posts. Gratitude is really something I struggle with - I tend to let the tiniest irritations overshadow all the things that are good in our lives. Thanks for the reminder to focus on how much more of the glass is full than empty!