Wednesday, June 25, 2008

5 Things...

I wasn't "tagged" but I thought I'd participate in this little blog game anyway...

Erin over at Girl with Curlz was tagged and I thought I'd just invite myself to play along. So, here we go...

* 5 Kind Things I Do For Myself:

1. Read

2. Eat dessert when I really, really want it.

3. Spend time with my horse.

4. Write in my blog and read my favs EVERY day

5. Take time to be with my girlfriends.

* 5 Kind Things I Do For Friends:

1. I ALWAYS bring a hostess gift when I'm invited to a friend's house.

2. I share my books.

3. Bake goodies for our get-togethers.

4. Try to find a positive spin on whatever negative thing they may be experiencing.

5. Reference bible scripture or share my preacher's message from the previous Sunday

* 5 Kind Things I have Done For A Stranger:

1. At the post office, I've gotten an elderly man's mail from his post box so he wouldn't have to get out of his car and gather his walker to make the trip.

2. Let people get in line in front of me at the security check point at the airport.

3. Smile and wave at them when I'm running in town.

4. Jose, you know my UPS driver, he's not really a "stranger" but I give him water.

5. I keep my dog held TIGHTLY on her leash!! Ha!!!

* 5 Hobbies I Enjoy:

1. I LOVE going to my recipe card-making parties at The Rusty Bucket every month!

2. Running.

3. Baking

4. Being with my horse - at the barn (I have countless, wonderful memories there).

5. Blogging - if that's a hobby...

So, for anyone who reads my little on-line diary consider yourself "tagged" and share with me some of your favorite 5's!!

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