Monday, February 18, 2008

My sweet husband...

It seems like no matter what tribulation we're facing, Michael can always find a way to 1) assure me things will get better, 2) make me laugh when I desperately don't want to and 3) remind me with his sweet gestures that I've got a good one...

As most of you know, I was laid off from my job recently. January 31 was my last day. The weeks since have been heavy and worry laden. But I pray every day that I have the trust and faith that I say and think I do in my salvation and that I will end up where God needs for me to be when I need to be there.
In his continued efforts to keep me positive and moving forward, Michael took me to lunch and "window shopping" in Hillsborough last Friday afternoon. We had a wonderful day. More than anything just being together was a real treat. We don't get much quality time together because Mike works nights. The two hours we have together in the afternoons is either spent at the YMCA or running our "long runs" through the streets of Pittsboro. And while that time is appreciated, it doesn't make for an environment for easy conversation! I've digressed... back to Friday. ANYWAY, off we go to Hillsborough. We strolled into "Fetch" (formerly known as "Flea for All" when they were located in Durham) and browsed the shabby-chic junque and played with and petted the shop dog "Chester". As we were enjoying looking at everything Mike asked if I saw anything I liked... I had honed in on a set of old salad and butter plates (and a platter) when we first walked in...L-O-V-E-D them! I mentioned them to him, we did a little wheeling and dealing and VOILA - the plates came home with us as my Valentine present! Here they are for your viewing pleasure:
I love them because of the sweet patern but also because there's only one platter, which is fine, but there are like 6 salad plates and only 4 butter plates...sort of reminds me of a puppy from the pound! Ha! A little mis-matched but loved nonetheless! And these little things were obviously loved and used because many of them are missing the "curly-q's" in the middle - washed right off the plate! That's love.
My sweet Dad is coming to spend some time with me next week (we'll be working on my bedroom! YES!!!). I think I'll serve our lunch (grilled cheese sandwiches - -one of our favorites) on these plates... now that's love...
My dad and my husband...doesn't get much better than that for me...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Have you met the (feline) family?

Many of you have heard me talk about my "barn cats" here at home. This morning when going through our feeding routine, I remembered to grab the camera first! I thought you'd get a kick outta' seeing the "breakfast" table... These are twelve of the thirteen "outside" cats. Lucky number 13 was ousted from the herd very early on and stays on the back deck and only around the back of the house and property. I have no idea why she was singled makes me sad to think about it. But there is one little sweet one (Miss. B) who will go out back and spend time with "Snip"; hang out with her, eat crunchies with her...and that makes me happy :) These guys only get "wet food" in the morning and they know it!! Their crunchy bowls are full throughout the day, which helps supplement their field rat diet! Let's case you're wondering...there's Beannie, Sweetie, Yodie, Ralphie May, Fluff, Dopey Girl, Big G, "B", Beau C Cat, Snippy Snip, Mr. Pat, Biscuit and Patty Cat - and yes, they've all been spayed and/or neutered (what we could've done with THAT money!!!!). This is the herd we're left with. We had many more but some we gave away, some met with an early demise (unknown) and some simply ran off and didn't return. But this group, they know what's good and I don't think have any plans on relocating. I hope not 'cause they sure do make me happy...

"People who know how to employ themselves always find leisure moments, while those who do nothing are forever in a hurry". Jeanne-Marie Roland

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Friends are great, aren't they? I'm partial to girl friends...we can really connect, us females! And I have two of the best right here with me.

Yesterday was the monthly luncheon for Cathy and Linda and me. I won't go into much detail about Miss Cathy getting the dates confused and sitting in Panera Bread on MONDAY instead of TUESDAY all alone...waiting for Linda and me... When she realized Linda was late (Linda is NEVER late) the proverbial bell went off...she called Linda..."Linda Grubb?". "Yes, Cathy". "We're not meeting for lunch today, are we?". "No Cathy, we're all having lunch tomorrow.". "Didn't think so...I'm leaving Panera Bread right now. See you tomorrow". When Linda relayed this conversation to me, I was ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Cathy, you know this is put out there with all the love I have for you in my heart! But this one was PRICELESS!!!! (And Linda does an AWESOME impersonation of Cathy!!!!). I really needed that laugh! Thanks girls!

So, we connected yesterday, ate a nice lunch, splurged on a little dessert, laughed and laughed and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed just being together. It afforded me a few hours to just relax and be worry-free and for that I'm grateful. And you know, every time we're together I learn something; I either learn something new about my friends or I learn something about myself and isnt' that a wonderful bonus to just being together? I love these buddies of mine...

*side note...okay, I had my camera with me the WHOLE time and didn't take one stinkin' picture - am I a doofus or what???!!!! NEXT time for sure!!!

"Getting an idea should be like sitting on a pin; it should make you jump up and do something." - E.L. Simpson

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stampin' Up

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning...

I was up early this morning feeling a little better, both physically (my teeth - or where they were - seem to be getting better a little tiny bit each morning) and emotionally (about the job thing). But that's mainly because I had a mission today. I was headed to a Stampin' Up 1/2 off sale! I knew I wouldn't be able to purchase anything (the purse strings are pulled very tight now) but I knew there would be good snacky-snacks and great fellowship - BOTH of which I needed! I didn't know, however, that we would actually be stampin'! That was a great surprise.

Our first project was this awesome gift card holder! Check it out...

Obviously, the theme of this gift card holder is "Birthday" but of course you can make one for any occassion. It was really rather easy; just one longer sheet folded like an "M", sealed in the middle, a little creative punching to create the slot to hold the card and a little embellishing with the stamps and colored paper and tie ribbon.

Not a very good shot but you can sort of see inside here where you tuck your gift card. And there's two areas inside the card where you can either stamp a sentiment or you can hand write a note - or both! Get creative!
And while I'm ALWAYS inspired when I leave these parties, I never do anything once I get home! But, to my defense, it's mostly because I don't have the right tools! I've started a pretty nice collection of papers and stamps but I don't have enough punches or "word"
stamps. Maybe those will come later... you can invest a fortune in this stuff if you allowed yourself!

Friday, February 1, 2008

February - not my favorite month

Since living in North Carolina, almost every unfortunate event that has happened to my husband and me has happened at least within the first two weeks of February, twice the day before Valentine's day. Needless to say, I start to sweat immediately following the New Year's celebrations. I was right on again this year...

Yesterday was my last day with Glenwood Development, my current employer. I am now officially in a funk. I have been putting out resumes for the last two weeks all to no avail. I've gotten only one true response - a big fat "no thanks". I think I'd rather get a "no" than no response at all, which is what is happening. While answering ads on line is easy and the way to go these days, it's so impersonal. And I'm at the point where I really don't expect to ever hear from these people.

You never know who you reach by blogging so let me put my plea out there right nowl. If any of you have suggestions or connections, I'm not too proud to take a lead and a hand! I'm really ready to make a life change. Leasing shopping center space has run its course with me. I want out. I simply want to get in with a large company or, preferably, a government agency and gain some security, a retirement and good benefits.

I'll hop off my soap box now 'cause I don't want to pull everyone down on a Friday! Just please keep Mike and I in your prayers. And while I'm on a pity trip this morning, I do have faith in my salvation and my Saviour and know, that in HIS time, I will be put where I am most useful to do His work.

...I think I feel a little better...