Monday, June 29, 2009

Perfect Timing

I have faith. I'd like to think I walk by faith. And I believe, no matter how difficult the circumstances, that I am placed where I'm supposed to be when I'm supposed to be there. And because I believe this to be true, I listen. I listen intently and pay close attention because I believe I'm supposed to gain something from "it".

Have you ever been in church and realized, about a quarter of the way through the sermon, that the message was being delivered directly to you? Every time this has happened to me, it's been during a trial of some sort in my life and the information being delivered was perfectly applicable to my situation. Or, have you ever had a complete stranger make idle chit-chat with you and later realized that the words they shared at that moment on that particular day were just the words you needed to hear? I believe this is faith in its simplest form.

I have an appointment this week with the marketing director at the Chapel Hill Ronald McDonald House. My objective for this first meeting is simply to get to know him and this fine organization a little better so that I can determine if WLHC-FM (the radio station I work for) could help meet their marketing needs.

In preparing for my meeting and doing my research, I came across this "message" in their website:

"We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world."

What perfect timing to come across this message, wouldn't you say? Especially given the events (deaths) we've all witnessed in "celebrity-dom" last week.

I've posted this quote on my computer. I've read it so many times I've lost count. I'm committing it to memory and tucking it securely in my heart. Because I know this for sure, my world, nor yours, is not completely made up of joy. And as such, during my trying days and those days when I think I can't take anymore or my heart is broken, I will find this message and remind myself that I am in the process of learning to be brave and patient...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

She Cracks Me Up

Bran called the other evening with some upsetting news (not to worry, an issue that can't be overcome...). The conversation went something like this:

Bran: "The Mama, you won't believe what happened this morning!"
Me: "What Bran?"
Bran: (she tells me about the unfortunate sequence of events here)
Me: "Oh, Bran. I'm really sorry to hear about that. I'm sorry there weren't warning signs so that the people could've been prepared."
Bran: "I know. Doesn't seem fair does it?"
Me: "No, not at all."
Bran: "So, I wanted to know if you'd put everyone on the prayer list at church?"
Me: "Absolutely, Bran. You know I will."
Bran: With all the seriousness she had throughout the entire conversation... "Good, 'cause there's nothin' better than a bunch of country people praying for you."
Me: I dropped the phone laughing so hard!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


That's all I've got say 'bout that!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Esme Rocks!

This is our latest book club read (I really think we need a name for our little organization...).

We'll be getting together Monday to dissect this story and I CANNOT wait! The story went back and forth, it gave me pause to consider what I'd just read, it doesn't have chapters so it was challenging finding a place to stop for the day/night and it left me saying out loud "what, that's it? Oh, no way! There's got to be more here!!". If I share anymore of what I said, I'd be giving too much away.

So, instead, pick this up people!!! Treat yourself - you won't be disappointed and it'll be too hot to be outside anyway this weekend!! And if you do read it, let me know what you think!

I loved it!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Not A Photo Op, Gladys!

Now throw the ball! Throw the damn ball, Gladys!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Things We Do For Love

My daughter and husband are big Skynyrd fans (notice how I just said "Skynyrd"?? I'm cool that way, people). Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock are coming to Raleigh. Because I love my husband and daughter and don't like to be left out, I'll be going with them to this concert next month. I will be out of my comfort zone. I will be holding Brandi's hand - for her comfort and protection, of course, not mine. I will be walking just slightly behind Michael. I will not be carrying a purse of anykind (I think I'll put my cash in my bra). BUT, I will be included in this little family outing! Funny the things we do with our adult children, huh?

Actually, I will be taking a step back in time. While I wasn't an album/CD buying fan, I did like hearing Skynyrd's (there I go again...) music on the radio. I mean, afterall, I did grow up in the '80s listening to them, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Queen, KISS... Oh, God bless my parents!

So, I know you'll be waiting with your nails to your mouth for a report on this adventure. Honestly, I don't care where I'm at with these's always a ride!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Golden Years Luncheon 2009

Every year, on the first Saturday in June, The Ladies Aid of Antioch Christian Church hosts The Golden Years Luncheon. This is for an elite group of people in our church and surrounding communities, a club open only to those in their golden years - otherwise known as AARP members.

The theme this year was patriotic. We invited the veterans to stand and be recognized. It was humbling to hear when and where these brave men served and for how long. Most had served in the Army. One had seen battle in WWII another Korea another Vietnam.

These folks look forward to this event every year. It's a time for them to come together and fellowship and simply enjoy the company of one another. Unfortunately, as the years go by, our guest list gets a little shorter with some having made their final trip Home.

But for those left here to participate, there's never a shortage of food, including awesome desserts! But I've learned that I don't need to make nearly the large portions for this group of folks; they simply don't eat as much as the rest of us!

One of our guests of honor was Mr. Clingman Woolard. Isn't that the best name? That's one of the things I love about the elderly - their names. Names like Willie Jourdan (that's a lady), Nathel Clark, Fairbell Oldham, Frederick Hugo Ricker, Mattie Francis Elkins. I mean, they read like a who's who at a Sunday social!

Mr. Woolard doesn't attend Antioch on a regular basis anymore. He only comes for special occasions and it's always a treat for us to see each other. For some reason, Mr. Woolard's found a special friendship with me, and I welcome it with open arms - and him, too. During these special occasions, we catch up. And while we're chatting, Mr. Woolard is holding my hand, two fingers to be exact, and gently squeezing them. I don't even think he's aware that he's doing it. And as we're talking, he's looking me directly in the eye. I feel like I have his undivided attention and that he thinks we're the only two people in the room.

Yesterday was no different. I learned that Mr. Woolard was in the Army in WWII - military police to be exact. He told me about his trip via "a cruise" to Germany and another, pleasure trip later in life to Hawaii. He told the story with such detail and warm memories I could almost smell the orchids he spoke of. We talked about his cattle and the value of which continue to decline. He told me "they" took his driver's license away from him. He told me he was happy with the life he'd led so far, that later this month he'd be wrapping up his 88th year here. He said he's ready to go home whenever the Lord sees fit. But he didn't say this bitterly or with sadness. Quite the contrary, he seemed completely at ease and self-satisfied.

I'll be there to say goodbye to Mr. Woolard when the Lord does call him home. But I sure hope it's not any time soon because, well, Mr. Woolard and I still have much to talk about...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Celebrity To Die Of Swine Flu


I don't care who you are or what you say, this is freakin' funny!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Still A Business

So, I made a late-day sales call yesterday. To Griffin Funeral Service in Pittsboro. I've been watching this facility construct a new building (the rendering is above) over the last few months and thought they have reached a point where some advertising of a grand opening would be of benefit. I mean, after all, funerals ARE a business - funeral homes DO make money.

The director was kind enough to agree to see me and off I went. THREE HOURS later, I made my way home.

I am now a wealth of information on, well, death and what happens once your body arrives at a funeral home. I mean, I have to learn about the biz in order to be able to adequately advertise for it, right?

Honestly, I found the entire conversation mesmerizing! And laugh - yep, we laughed a lot throughout the meeting. I guess you have to have some sense of humor in order to deal with this job.

I finally got up the nerve to ask Mr. Sellers why/how he got into this business. Parts of his answer were "rebelling against what my father wanted me to do with my life", "like most people, I was curious about death but, unlike most people, I acted on it and became a funeral director" and "I clearly remember at the age of 5 seeing my dead great grandmother laying in her casket in the front parlor of the house. I pulled a chair up to her, stood on it and took the closest look I could at her before my father noticed and pulled me away. It had a lasting affect".

He also told me there are ghosts at Griffin - personal experience. He saved that story for last. And when he told me I had been sitting in "Mr. Jessie's" chair, I stood, shook his hand, thanked him and made a quick exit...

The least he can do is buy some radio advertising from me after a day in his world - earthly or otherwise!