Friday, February 27, 2009

A Little Star Struck

I'm not the type to get all "googly" in the presence of an actor or singer or performer - not that I have had an overwhelming number of opportunities... I mean, after all, they're just people like me, putting on their Spanx and spending too much money for a 'Bucks Skinny Latte.

But when the phone rang at the studio yesterday and the caller identified himself as Dan Tyminski, I went silent. My brain was rushing to process and verify the name while my tongue was limp in my mouth waiting for it's next set of directions. I'm certain the pause was a short second or two but it felt like enough time had passed for me to enjoy an entire evening listening to the score of "Oh Brother Where Art Thou".

Anyone who has a taste for Bluegrass music knows of Dan Tyminski.

(Photo Courtesy of

Certainly you've picked him out of the "Alison Krauss and Union Station" band...

(Photo Courtesy of

At the VERY least you've heard Dan sing here. Yep, Dan was the singing voice of George Clooney's character.

I was surprised at my response, my behavior. I was scurrying around here like a 13 year old who had just gotten the autograph of the Jonas Brothers!

Turns out, our own local celebrity, Tommy Edwards, had a scheduled telephone interview with Dan. When Tommy came out of the studio, I cornered him.

"Do you know who that was on the phone, Tommy?"

"Uh, yes I do Joyce"

"That was Dan Tyminski on the phone Tommy"

"Uh, yes I know Joyce"

"You do know who Dan Tyminski is don't you Tommy?"

"Uh, yep, I'm familiar with the guy..."

"Wow...Dan, this place really has its perks!"

Imagine my reaction if I actually got to say more than "just one moment, I'll get Tommy on the phone for you."!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Strangest Thing Happened On The Way Home From The Doctor's...

As you know by now, I live in a very rural area in Central North Carolina. I am surrounded by cattle farmers, mass chicken houses that provide poultry to Townsend and the like, pleasure horse farms and numerous other agricultural-type farms.

When I travel "to town" or to Chapel Hill, Raleigh or Durham, I typically take the same route. Along the main road into Pittsboro, about 5 miles from my house, there sits a quaint yellow cottage. I've seen mini-drafts (picture pint-sized Clydesdale horses) in the front yard, a small herd of cattle, chicken barns in the back and these funny looking white, box-like things with bricks sitting on the tops. My husband and I have speculated that they were bee boxes because we'd seen something similar at our local community college.

As I was driving home from a doctor's appointment yesterday evening, our suspicions were finally confirmed.

I'm telling you this for free people... you have GOT to visit this place I call home!!!!

Every day's a wonderful surprise here in the country...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Funeral and "String Music"

I've mentioned before how I've been to funerals where I'm enveloped in a warmth that is unexplainable. The common denominator I have found is the profound love and respect for the lost loved one and the assurance that they had the salvation of Christ in their soul.

My friend and neighbor, Mr. Reno Sharpe, died last week (February 19th). I, along with the majority of my community, attended his funeral at my church (Antioch Christian Church) this past Sunday. I only live less than 4 miles from the church. I left in plenty of time to get there, add the food I made to the table in the fellowship hall and walk across the parking lot to the church. What I didn't allow for was the amount of traffic on the road to my little church.

It was spirit and in number. So much so that guests, including me, were sitting in the nursery, the children's Sunday school class rooms, the adults' Sunday school classroom and the back hallway.

"Mr. Reno", as he was affectionately referred to, was honored and, dare I say, glorified that day. There were stories told and memories shared and laughter heard out loud. And there was music... "string music" to be exact. That's what Mr. Reno called bluegrass.

Three hours later, I drove myself home with not a tear in my eye or a knot in my throat. Nope, I was smiling and giggling those entire four miles and even tapping my toes to the banjo and mandolins I still heard in my head.

I'm going to miss my friend. Especially at Christmas. It had became an annual event for my husband and me to stop in at Mr. Reno's house and share a plate of food and some guilty sweets I'd made and visit with him for an hour or so. And no matter how much we resisted, nothing would do but Mr. Reno would send us home with a bag of pecans he'd collected in his yard and a block of hoop cheese. I'd never even heard of hoop cheese before the year 2003. My husband, on the other hand, would shake Mr. Reno's hand in appreciation until it became numb. Mike is a big fan of the cheese and it brought back memories for him of getting such a treat from his own grandfather's "general store" in Kentucky.

While Mike and I won't be sharing our holidays with Mr. Reno anymore, we will be sharing in the legacy he left behind. That "string music" I'll play on at Reno's Sharpe Store.

Well done faithful servant, well done.

From Left to Right: Mary Ellis, Ed Ellis, Reno Sharpe, Wayne Rives.
(photo courtesy of the Sharpe Store Music Gallery Page)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

One Of The Great Perks Of The Job

Today, I spent part of my morning visiting with "Rajaji" - but you can call him "Raj". Raj lives at the Carnivore Preservation Trust in Pittsboro, NC. This is a fascinating place. At the very least, I encourage you to visit the website, which is linked above. I'm telling you people, this place they call Pittsboro (Chatham County) is FILLED with hidden treasures.
Since coming to work for WLHC "Life 103.1" in December, I have discovered more about Chatham County than during the last 7 years I've lived here! Shame on me. But one of the perks of working at the station is the ability to get out in our listening communities, meet people, network and, ultimately, sell radio ads to as many as possible.
Today was one of those days. The CPT is hosting it's second annual Black Tie & Tails Ball in March and we're working together on radio buys to promote the event. I had put together a "spec spot" for them to review, which could've been done via email but, instead, I was invited to the preserve to present my proposal and meet the director and, well, the cats!!!
I couldn't have thought of a better way to enjoy my morning cuppa' than strolling through the CPT grounds and standing in awe of this magnificent feline.
Oh, and when your tour guide/host suggests you step back from the fence when the cat turns his backside to you and raises his tail...take my it and do it quickly! (...and I thought Simba had good aim...)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Official...we're in

(our names as they appear on the registrants list...)

Mineer, Joyce (F43) Bear Creek, NC Ten Mile Run
Mineer, Mike (M41) Bear Creek, NC Ten Mile Run

We are "official registrants" for the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in Washington, DC on April 5! I am SO excited about this one!!! Running in my "home town" of sorts!!! I just hope the weather is cooperative because, if it is, this is going to be a breathtaking, emotional course for me... DC in the spring at the peak of the Cherry Blossom blooms...aaahhh...

I'm also looking forward to spending some time in the city with my family touring a few of the museums/monuments. It's always great to play a tourist at home, isn't it? To try and see all the exciting spots with an "outsiders" set of eyes! Oh just wait for these photos!

Have I thanked you lately for indulging me when it comes to these events? It's just running has become such a great outlet for Michael and me and something we can do together and I enjoy sharing our excitement with you! Thanks for being part of that excitement people - really, thanks!