Sunday, June 15, 2008

The First Man In My Life

I don't think most dads realize the impact they have on their daughters. They are the gauge by which EVERY other man in our lives is measured. At least this is my experience and maybe that's just because I've been blessed with a father who adores me and I adore him. I put my dad on a pedastal a long time ago and he's never waivered.

My dad's not "anything fancy". He's not a doctor or a lawyer or a high-powered stock broker. He's not an artist or a musician or an engineer or an architect. What he is, however, is a family man, a man of faith, an entrepreneur, a workaholic, a lover of animals, a problem solver, a protector, a fixer of all things (however, when Brandi was little and sad over something she asked Papa if he could fix it and he told her "Turtle, Papa can fix anything but a broken heart" - I beg to differ...he's helped mine heal many times over). He has the patience of a saint, he treasures my mother (they've been married 47 years), he's extremely careful with his "side money", he's a recycler and repurposer (he was doing that long before this country started "going green"), when he loves he loves to his deepest core. My dad wants everyone to be happy (ask him about my stint in California some time). And if he could control us all, he'd have a big spread somewhere with all his "little chicks" living on the same piece of land.

I've lived 5 hours away from my dad for 6 years now. I've told you the story of how, when I first moved here and my dad would visit, after he'd leave I go to my "girlie shed" and cry my heart out. I hated seeing his truck pull out of our drive. And while I don't cry when he leaves, it is an adjustment for me nonetheless. My dad comes often 'cause there's lots to do in this big old house and nothing brings him more pleasure - and me, too - than redoing something around here! If you ever have the opportunity to visit us, I'll show you all the changes we've made in this house. And I promise you, my father's handprints, heart and soul are in every change that's been made. How blessed am I?

Next to my Heavenly Father, there's no one I have more faith or trust in than my dad...

I love you Daddy - Happy Father's Day

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