Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This little, personal assignment I've bestowed upon myself really solidifies how fast the weeks go by... It's yet another Thursday and time to count my blessings:

1) I'm thankful that I had absolutely NO travel this week! That's right, I've been home since last Saturday night at 9:30 and I don't leave again until next Monday morning;
2) I'm thankful that I recognize (most times, I think) when God is working, connecting, making Himself clearly present in my life. I'm reading a Christian fiction book called "The Shack" by William Young. On the plane home Saturday, I was reading a chapter where "God" was discussing with Mack, the main character, that He wasn't all about "religion" and the formalities in most churches but rather simply wanted us to have a relationship with Him, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. I went to church Sunday morning and Mike Harper, our preacher, spoke of the EXACT same desire. I was sitting there thinking to myself..."are you reading the same novel?". So, I got the message - loud and clear. Although, I once had another preacher tell me to simply talk to Jesus like He was the passenger in my car. Same concept, huh? That's all God wants - a relationship with us;
3) I'm thankful for "Bluetooth", that bug-looking thing that goes in your ear so you can talk on your cell phone wirelessly. I'm thankful for that because people will think I'm talking to someone on my cell phone in my car when really I'm acting like Jesus is the passenger next to me and I'm really talking to Him!
4) I'm thankful for the hour that Mike and I had together at the gym last night. We met there, went over what each of us would be doing, never saw each other again until we left - - - but I knew he was there and just in the other I've mentioned before, our time together is rare and I truly appreciate it whenever we're simply in the presence of one another;
5) I'm thankful that Paul Smallwood's foot surgery went well and he's recovering nicely at home. Paul is my buddy Cathy's husband;
6) I'm thankful for the accolades I received yesterday from my new boss. It's very early on in my new position but during the owners meeting earlier this week, my "way of doing business" was praised as was my "team player" attitude. I'm very good at sharing leads and contacts with my fellow leasing agents, apparently something they've not seen a lot of in the past. I also learned I may be getting more "inventory"; which really means more travel...oh my.
7) I'm thankful that I was able to run my "required" 7 miles last night and that my ribs didn't hurt one bit!!! I have trouble with the cartiledge (sp?) tearing on the left side of my ribcage - VERY painful and causes me not to be able to exercise - NOT GOOD! But I think I'm good-to-go again. Funny thing is, running does not cause this problem - it just exasperates it and causes a super-slow healing time. This last time I tore it by doing the "funky fit" work out at the Relay for Life - yes, back in MAY! That's how long it takes to heal. Anyway, I think I'm over it finally;
8) I'm thankful for having my cousin Suzie back in my life, even if it is only virtually for now!
9) I'm thankful for the people that will think of me today and I won't even know it...
10) I'm thankful for the ability to work from home.

I hope each of you has a wonderful day today and that you take the time to recognize the little things in your life that touch your heart. And if you're in the south or out west, watch the heat! It's gonna' be a rough one out there today! I'm thinking of you and counting my blessings that you're a part of my world...

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