Friday, June 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday - a day late

Wow, this traveling really takes a toll on one's time...and aging body...and blog time! Something's gotta' give! But I'm SO thankful...and here's the rest of my "Thankful Thursday" (on Friday) list:

1) I'm thankful for a safe trip to Indiana and Kentucky (albeit bumpy, rocky and rather unpleasant);

2) I'm thankful the young man in the seat two away from me did not get sick like he was sure he was going to!;

3) I'm thankful for the hospitality my sister-in-law and her husband have shown me (I'm staying with them Thursday and Friday because they're extremely close to my center in Florecence, KY);

4) I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend some time with "Buddy" the dog (he's getting older you know) and the newest canine family member "Red Rowe". Red belonged to my Michael and Jen's uncle, Jerry. Jerry was always a bachelor but shared his life, home and heart with Red. Jerry passed away recently and nothing would do but Red had to come and live with Mike and Jen (Rowe is their last name - hence, "Red Rowe"). I'm know Red's thankful for Mike & Jen's hospitality, too! I should note here, every son and son-in-law in the Mineer family is named Mike!!! You should be around the house at Christmas! (My Mike is know as "Michael" or "Bub", Michael's sister's husband is know as "Mike Rowe" and his step-sister's husband is know as "Mike Leet");

5) I'm thankful I was able to cross the bridge spanning the Ohio River from Indiana into Ohio. It surprised me yesterday and I had a slight panic attack...I DO NOT enjoy driving over massive bridges like that. I did not sleep AT ALL last night thinking that I have to cross it again to get back to Indy to the airport...I'm heading to Wal-mart to buy some Dramamine - I'm hoping that'll help ease me some...oh my goodness...;

6) I'm grateful for this free, wireless internet service at Panera Bread;

7) I'm grateful for the home-cooked meal Mike Rowe made for us last night. That's another thing that's tough with this travel - eating healthy...;

8) I'm grateful for the time and energy to run 3 miles this morning and not get lost (or hit - it was a very busy road);

9) I'm grateful that Mike Rowe is a preacher and will talk to me for hours about anything I have questions about;

10) I'm grateful to be going home tomorrow to my little country house, my 18 cats, my one grouchy dog and my high-strung hubby! I love my world!!!

I hope each of you has a wonderful Friday and a super weekend and that you count your blessings daily.

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Pink Icing on the Cake said...

Hi Joyce,
I am so sorry I haven't gotten back to you. When you add someone's link, all you do is type their name for example LeAnn and then go to the link icon in the post, click it and type in and then it will highlight it and when you click on it, it will take you to that person's blog. I hope this helps.