Friday, June 27, 2008

A Sticky Situation

What's wrong with this picture? That's right, there's no Humming Bird nectar in the Humming Bird feeder. As a matter of fact, the entire bottom of the feeder is MIA...
I can't tell you where the bottom went (I haven't looked that carefully yet) but I can tell you what happened to the nectar. It ran down all over me beginning in my hair, down my white tee shirt, splatered over my shorts, down my legs - front and back - into my socks and all over my sneakers. Do you have any idea how sticky Humming Bird nectar is? Very, very sticky.
My DH is hot-natured (I heard you gasp...). What I mean is, he sweats ALL THE TIME!!! He sweats eating dinner. As such, he keeps it freezing in this house. I work from home and sit at my desk in a hoodie throughout the day just to stay comfortable. And periodically I have to step outside in the 95 degree heat just to warm up a little. This is how my "accident" happened.
I was outside puttsing around in the flower bed when I realized there was a weed I couldn't reach. I went back up on the porch thinking I could grab it by reaching over the top of the railing. I walked smack into the feeder, the bottom fell out (literally) and I was transformed into a very large, sweet, sticky snack...
A last note of advice...don't wait until the end of the day to wash Humming Bird nectar out of your hair - you will be in the shower for awhile.

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Chaya Bluma said...

Oh you're right! Same kind of day. I think I'll stick with public humiliation over a sugar-coated head. I hope there were no bees around!