Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday blog buddies... here's my list for the day. What's on your's?

1) Oh, I'm so thankful for my new job;

2) I'm thankful to be going "home" this weekend to visit my family and Jess;

3) I'm thankful for successfully completing the Torch Run for Special Olympics yesterday and that no one was injured in anyway and that I was part of yet another great cause (7.75 miles people!);

4) I'm thankful for the people who organize events like that of the Torch Run;

5) I'm thankful for the wrap-up dinner and fellowship I experienced last night on behalf of the American Cancer Society for our Pittsboro Relay for Life;

6) I'm thankful for Sara teaching me how to insert a picture with a link into my blog! :) ;

7) I'm thankful that my new company has authorized a land-line home office phone ('cause cell phones simply don't work out here!);

8) I'm thankful for the 30 minutes Mike and I had together on our front porch swing Monday night after watering flowers (you have to understand how rare we are together - Mike works permanent nights...);

9) I'm grateful for all things red in and around my house;

10) I'm grateful to have heard from my friend Cathy! She's been MIA for awhile and I was beginning to worry!

Isn't it wonderful to have to struggle at stopping at 10 things you're thankful for...

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