Friday, June 6, 2008

Are You "RED-Y"?

...for my touch of red today? Here we go...
Not long after we moved here, my mom passed down this quilt to me. My great, great grandmother "Grandma Davis" from Alabama made it - by hand. Mom said it deserved a better life in the country than staying stored in a chest in her house. My dear dad made the quilt rack it's hanging from (that's actually an old photo of my dad when he was little that you can get a glimpse of sitting on top of the shelf. And if you look closely, that's Mike's mom's senior picture in the middle and mom as a little girl on the right).

My old, chipped, little stool. This was actually a display piece from one of my hang-outs, The Rusty Bucket. Pam, the Shopkeeper, was kind enough to sell it to me. Thanks Pammy!

And finally, my great find from Liberty, NC at the recent Antiques Showcase & Flea Market. A large, red picnic basket ($7.00 - could not pass it up). Oh, look...there's Jess in the photo sporting his brand new RED halter!

For those of you in the East, especially down South, get's gonna' be RED hot today people!

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