Saturday, June 14, 2008


Have you ever had just a really good day? Today was like that for me. I was up early, it was actually tolerable outside, I had quiet time with my coffee...and then I was off to Raleigh to the fairgrounds where I met my buds, Cathy & Linda. We were "fellowshipping" at the flea market! We got there nice and early, about 8:30-ish, and hit all the outside vendors. Very early on in our adventure, I spotted a table with two great serving bowls and three wonderful platters. As I approached for a closer look, I could smell it...Homer Laughlin! Oh my goodness... The shopkeeper wasn't even done setting up yet and came over to tell us "there's a lot more to that set". He brought a huge box filled with dinner plates, dessert plates, bread & butter plates, cups and saucers...oh my!! I asked if he'd sell it by the piece and he said no, but the entire stash was mine for $50.00. The three of us looked at each other saying silently to one another "don't squeel...just nod politely". When he was out of ear shot we did a little happy dance and with little convincing I took the entire lot!! I even got a gravy boat. I've never had a gravy boat. But I've also wanted a gravy boat. And just because now I have a gravy boat, Thanksgiving's at my house this year!

As you know, I spent the better part of last week in Stillwater, MN. A LOVELY town!! My new favorite hot spot there is "Rose Mille" (I posted earlier about it and provided the website). During my visit there, I picked up Michael's Father's Day card. Our little family is very unconventional about this holiday. Brandi was 15-16 years old when Mike came into our lives. But he was careful and methodical and touching and concerned with how he became someone important to Bran. They both just eased their way into a loving relationship and today they have a true respect for one another and I know that Mike loves Bran with everything he has. And Bran acknowledges Mike's role in her life as a "father figure", knowing she can trust him with her life, let alone secrets from her Mama! So every year we make it a point to honor Mike and the part he plays in our little family. This year, I couldn't pass up this card. First, I LOVE the front of it and the drama it portrays..."I love you. No, I love you more. Oh, your eyes. That hair my love, the softness of it is that of silk". Ha! But inside.... inside it reads, "Despite that poppy seed on your tooth, and an untweezed nose hair, I can look you in the eyes and tell you...I love you unconditionally".!! He will laugh out loud, just like I did!!! And that will make my day.

And if you look closely, you can see the PINK wire "memory" board the card is temporarily displayed on! I schlepped this thing all the home from MN only to discover the EXACT same thing in one of the vendors booths at the fairgrounds this morning! Oh well. I hung my memory rack next to my little desk in my bedroom (see below). I'm going to try and be a little selective in what makes the cut. I don't want it to get too junked up or out of control. I can tell you this for free, though, once Mike opens this card it's definitely going on the rack!

I don't know how this wonderful day has gotten away so quickly. But I'm awfully glad I experienced it and I hope my buds had as good a time as I did. I love those girls...

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