Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twenty Interesting Things About...ME

I have a handful of blogs that I read daily. I am a loyal follower, or stalker depending on your perspective.

One that especially tickles my fancy is this one. I suggest you visit immediately and often. Ree is funny, honest and sincere in her writing and when I read her daily posts, it's almost as if I'm on the ranch with her.

The Pioneer Woman has many facets to her blog, including Homeschooling. Because I have no real interest in this subject, I often times just skim through that section and move on. But recently on the sidebar of the Homeschooling section, I found where a mom did a project with her students where they had to research certain public figures and learn twenty interesting things about them. I took the time to go through a few and found myself amused much and saying, "huh" countless times.

So, because nothing else has come to the forefront of my gray matter, I thought I'd do the same about me! Sign out now if your expectations are too great.

This is me and here we go...

1) I had my daughter when I was 16 years old. I only missed two weeks of school.

2) I am the female version of my, really.

3) I went to college on a full scholarship. No place fancy. Extremely local. But I got that degree, nonetheless.

4) I bought myself a Ford F-150 pick up truck as a gift to me when I graduated from college. I still have it.

5) I don't ever remember spending the night with either set of grandparents. I'll have to confirm this with Mom, but I'm pretty sure this is a factoid.

6) I hate to watch sports on television but will attend any event live and in person.

7) I have lived in California. Hated it...for a number of reasons.

8) I've been horseback riding in Estes Park, CO. LOVED IT!

9) I have a small collection of cowboy boots.

10) I would rather shop for anything but clothes.

11) My favorite sound is my daughter laughing.

12) My favorite smell was the smell of my horse...

13) I will avoid confrontation at any cost.

14) While I am an avid runner now, and love it, I only started 3 years ago.

15) I treasure my family.

16) My mom had me in organ lessons when I was about 7 or 8. I had a German instructor named Jean Letzenheizer. I could only play by ear. She was determined I was going to read my music. We fought. I cried. She did not encourage this "natural talent". I quit. It's the one grudge I still carry and the one person I will never be able to forgive.

17) Truly and honestly, the smallest of things make me very happy.

18) Time, and how and why we measure everything by it, freaks me out.

19) I am terrified of growing old and feeble.

20) I love to people watch.

I thought I was going to have some trouble finding 20 things to write about myself. Turns out, that was pretty easy. And I wouldn't have to try real hard to find 20 more. But you're probably not that interested, right? Of course, my 7 loyal followers are all family and close friends so I've probably not told you anything you don't already know!

But thanks for entertaining me anyway.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bragging Rights

I am a mom. I've been a mom for awhile now and have loved, and continue to love, the journey this role takes me. I am only a mom once-over, meaning I've only birthed one child - naturally, I might add. Natural childbirth, not "naturally, I've birthed only one child". Because I did it right and so well the first time, there was no need to mess with perfection and have any more offspring.

I am not an only child but my daughter has always said it's great! Of course, her opinion is jaded because 1) she was the first and only grandchild for years, 2) she never had to share any of her personal belongings, 3) she was never compared to a brother or sister, 4) although she rarely did, she could watch whatever she wanted on the television, 5) she never had to share a bathroom, 5) she was, is and will always be the center of our universe and...she doesn't like other children.

Because my wee one throws up a little in her mouth whenever she's around other wee, WEE ones, she's opted not to have children of her own. Smart move. Don't go birthin' no babies if you don't like 'em!

As a result, obviously, we will never be grandparents - in the real sense/meaning of the role. We do, however, have three beautiful grandcats. I couldn't be more proud. I could be a little happier if one in particular at least LIKED his grandmother but I have to take what I can get.

Our three, 4-legged grands went for their annual check up today, a trip I'm sure I could write a book about. More on that later.

Our oldest, "Little Bean, Junior"/"Bean"/"Beanie"/"LBJ", got a glowing review. You see, Little Bean suffers with...well, it's his weight...he has a lot of it...and it brings him down...and it worries his physician and family. He's aware of it but, like we all know, the struggle with our waist lines and hips is an ongoing, frustrating one. But this day, we have much to celebrate! You see, Bean is down from 30 lbs to 27.76. That's right, Internet! This cat weighs just less than HALF of my Labrador Retriever!!!

And this is how he's decided to celebrate his recent achievement...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How The Hell Does HE Rate?

I tried to copy and paste the entire email that the hubs forwarded to me. Seeing the entire message would've made this post that much better.

You know the commercial for that bank (yeah, I have no idea what bank they're advertising but the premise stays embedded in my mind) where they have the owner of some dog getting their dog to say "I Love My Bank"? My rendition of said commercial would be "I Love My Vet".

We've been taking our herd of critters to Cole Park Veterinary Clinic for...ever. If I had the money back that we've given this awesome facility, I'd be driving a Mercedes. A Mercedes SUV. A Mercedes SUV with a lifetime subscription to OnStar. A Mercedes SUV with a lifetime subscription to OnStar and one that could self-parallel park. A get the picture.

All kidding aside and with as much seriousness as this zit on the side of my face, the docs and staff ARE moving into their BRAND NEW, STATE-OF-THE-ART facility this weekend. They've invited us to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the wing they've named The Mineers - Suckers.

I love my vet. They take care of those I love. They love them as much as we do.

Even Munchie.

So much so, he got an e-card via my husband's email account wishing him a happy, frickin' birthday! Okay, I'm his human mother and I don't even know when the tree-fearer, freak-of-nature was born! I should be a little ashamed but, instead, I am now even more impressed with these people!


I'll tell you this for free, people...if the staff at Cole Park sends an eb-day card to us for every creature on my place, I'm contacting the media...or anyone left at Dorothea Dix!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

If I Lived in the World of Make Believe

I wouldn't mind spending some time in Underland. I would want to be Iracebeth, aka "Queen of Hearts". Every time someone pissed me off, I'd point my crown-topped saber at them and yell "off with their heads!!!!". I'd start with the women, females, chicks, bitches who refuse to move over when I'm running along the shoulder of the road. Yes, I'd be running in my witch boots and ankle-length, crinoline-lined, corset-tied, accessorized with my crown, gown and I'd quickly turn to the Dodge mini van that narrowly escaped me, point my crown-topped saber at the winch and yell "off with her head"...and it would happen.

(This would be me.)

My husband would be the mad hatter and he'd be trapped in Underland with me at a never-ending tea party because, when he tried to sing for me, I sentenced him to this hell for murdering the time. And, although he can't sing a lick, he does a mean Futterwacken!

(This would be the hubs.)

And then I'd have these two little beeotches at my disposal ALWAYS. If I wanted my lawn mowed, I'd simply holler "Oh fat boys!". My wine glass refilled? "Oh fat boys!". My running shoes laced up? "Oh fat boys!" My car filled with gas? You guessed it..."Oh fat boys!" My dinner cooked? Yep..."Oh fat boys!" It would be like having had twin sons!

(These would be my fat boys.)

But perhaps best of all, my cats could vaporize themselves! Now how frickin' cool would that be? Think "I Dream of Jeannie". They would literally melt into mist while in my bed and then, "poof", reappear whole in the cat pan! Or...they'd dissolve into a fog from the front porch and then, "poof", show up in 3-D in the front yard stalking snakes!

"A dog's not mad, you'd agree? You see, a dog growls when it's angry and wags its tail when it's pleased. Now, I growl when I'm pleased and wag my tail when I'm angry. Therefore, I'm mad!" Now this little piece of Chessur philosophy explains a WHOLE lot around here!

(This would be an example of my kitties.)

Yeah, Underland would be some real awesomesauce.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My (Last) Weekend

My weekends tend to be typical. That's cool. But this past weekend was exceptional for me. Not for any particular reason but it just seemed all the stars were aligned, to include beautiful NC weather - for which I am so grateful for.

The kickoff was dinner with the hubs - a RARITY people!! Talk about being grateful!! I simply enjoy being in his presence...I hope he feels the same! We hit the bird - the robin - the nest! Yummers!

Saturday morning met with an early spin class. I was spinning, in more ways than one, at 8:30. I'd resisted this new class being offered at the gym for over 3 months because of a bad experience I had over 20 years ago. No, I don't hold grudges.

I went in with a new attitude and an open mind and the intention to ask the instructor to get me set up adequately so that this experience was a positive one. Check, check and check... And as good as the experience was, it hurt my ego. I am not in as good a shape as I thought, at least not for this type of workout. There were "moves" I could not complete (ouch, that hurt). I'd have to back off and sit and just pedal until I collected myself. Now I'm determined. I'm going back again and again until I reach the spinning sumit.

Then I hit the gym for a round of weight lifting. I am not intimated to "pump some iron" (ha!) at the YMCA on a Saturday morning at 9:00. The teens are sleeping in and the seniors are sipping coffee and reading the paper at McDonalds. I practically have the place to myself!

(Disclaimer: I do not wear unitards to the gym. Just needed to make that clear.)

After all that, it was my turn to drink coffee and read a few lines. This I thouroughly enjoyed at the little coffee house next to our Carolina Brewery in town, whose name escapes me. But it was deelish! And because the weather was purfect, I sat outside and watched the comings and goings of the folks enjoying the farmer's market that was being held in the parking lot (fresh bread and eggs anyone?...I did pick up 2 bars of goats' soap with lavendar. The smell sucked me in. And I'm loving it).

Then, it was back to the ranch where there was work to be done. Time to mow the yard, the acres, the field. I like to mow the yard. Gives me time to think and ponder. And I like the way my kitties lay scattered throughout the place in the cool, freshly cut green stuff. They're silly. I'm easily entertained. I love my kitties.

(Disclaimer: I do not wear a straw hat when I mow the yard.)

And finally on Sunday, after a quick run through town, I met up with a friend and her two girls and we hit the lake. It was glorious. Not only am I fortunate enough to live a few short hours away from the prestine Carolina beaches, I am but a mere 15 mintues away from Jordan Lake. I encourage you to visit the next time you're in town.

I sat. I soaked up the rays, under a layer of sunscreen of course. I was warm to the core. I put my feet in sand, in mud. I floated. I swam. I did the frog move with my legs. I wore my new bathing suit. I ate grapes.

I had an awesome weekend. It really takes very little for me.

Looking forward to the start of another good one beginning at 5:00 Friday!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Night Entertainment

Because there's not much else to do in the country and, well, we make 'em earn their keep here in deep Chatham...

Yes, that's an onion ring on her snout.

She's a little gullible and we're easily entertained. It's making for a wonderful relationship.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"...MMM...Tasted Like Chicken"

Me: "Bailey? This morning I fed 5 indoor cats."

The Dog: "Yes. That's correct. I would agree."

Me: "Tonight, only 4 indoor cats appeared for dinner. Would you happen to know where Munchie is?"

The Dog: "You see, there was a slight altercation. And in the shuffle, the fat, scraggly, long-haired, smelly, black one... Well, let's just say there's no need to fill my bowl this evening."

"Pardon me, but do I have anything in my teeth?...Bahahahahahaha!"

(Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the creation of this least that I'm aware of.)