Friday, May 30, 2008

Strength...and change on the horizon

It's occurred to me that rarely do I post anything about my darling husband (DH). It's time you met...

Mike is a police officer (SWAT team member) with the Chapel Hill Police Department in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It is his DREAM job. Michael is a "go-getter". He is confrontational, he is loud and animated, he is a character and quick witted, he can be overbearing, he is stubborn and determined always to be right, he is an "in your face" kinda' guy, he has no patience for ignorance, he loves his God, he is controlling, he is a sports junkie and can retain (what I think is worthless) unimagineable amouts of sports "facts", he aspires perfection at all times in everything he does, he loves education and is always taking classes - in the classroom and/or online, he works hard and all the time, he is the foundation of our little family although he would say that's not true - that I am, he's not a "mushy" kinda' guy but the kinda' guy who surprises you when you least expect it (a touching note left on the kitchen counter telling me how special I am for the stuff I do for others in my community; telling me how great he feels when he takes a container full of cupcakes to work for the guys that his wife made...). We make each other nuts because we couldn't be more opposite. But we need each other desperately and love each other deeply.

As most of you know, I've been out of work since February 1. This is the third layoff I've experienced in my 12 year career of shopping center leasing. I'd decided it was time for a career change and, of course, Mike agreed and was supportive with any decision I made. I can't tell you the number of resumes that went out or the number of interviews I went on to businesses from the YMCA to retirement living facilities to the United States Postal Service - with rarely a "thanks but no thanks". With every rejection I fell a little further down the ladder of self respect. But each time Mike was there to first sit with me while I cried and then tell me to get over it and go on to the next candidate. He was also there to scold me when I questioned God's promise to never forsake me; there were days I'd never felt so alone... And during this entire time, while Mike was working, experienced a difficult surgery and recovery, dealing with me and my moods and discouragement, he was keeping this household afloat - financially more than anything. Somehow, someway he made it work. He was and is our strength.

But change is on the horizon for the Mineers - AGAIN. I have accepted a position with a company based in Morristown, New Jersey. It is an assest management and realty company with strip shopping centers throughout the east and mid-west. I am so grateful for this opportunity but terrified at the same time because I'm right back into this field of employment that is risky, at best, especially during these difficult economic times we're facing. But I've had a heart change about how I'm going to approach this job and I'm prayerful that it will help make me successful and happy. One of the best parts of the job is that I get to continue to telecommute - work from home. How wonderful is that given the price of gas! Additionally, I will be traveling extensively because I've been assigned properties in Kentucky (Mike's home by the way), Indiana, Alabama (Mobile, here we come for some GREAT seafood) and Minnesota (never been to Minnesota - and I won't be going there in January, February or March either!). Hopefully I can rack up some airmiles and Mike and I can hit some place tropical next year!

Today I get to call the unemployment agency and tell them to stop the checks. Accepting that aid hurt my pride but after looking at the big picture, I've worked my entire life and paid into the benefit program and I was entitled to the assistance. I'm grateful it was there for me because it helped get us through these last few months. Today, not different from any other day, I get to tell my husband how much I appreciate his hard work and all that he's done recently to maintain our home and my spirits and that I love him. We're a team, you know. And today I get to thank my family and friends for their constant support, well wishes and prayers that "something will come along". Something did - in God's time and in His way and as I've said recently, I believe I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be...'s going to be a good day.

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