Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Photo Finish

Yesterday I was sent the URL/link to the Chatham News & Record ( where I could view my Pittsboro Relay for Life team photo taken by photographer Gene Galin. I thought I would share it with you this morning.

I would encourage you to visit the website and take a quick look at all of the photos, most speak for themselves with the emotions clearly seen on peoples faces.

I also want to point out our pink team shirts and share with you how they came to be. I know there is nothing perfect in this world - ESPECIALLY us human beings. But nothing or no one comes as close as my sweet Bran... And that's not just my opinion as her mom! Brandi runs deep, keeps way too much on the inside. She loves deeply and hard and, although not often thank God, when her heart breaks or aches...well, I'd do anything to make it stop. Such was the case when Deb died this past December. I think as much as Deb's death devastated Brandi, her heart was hurting for me, because I know how much she loves her Mama. And like me for her, Bran would do anything to assure my happiness.

Knowing that I'd committed to this event, Brandi brainstormed about how she could help, get involved, raise money and make a difference. We talked about many options and agreed a team shirt would be a great idea. Unbeknown to me, Brandi had kept the program from Deb's funeral which had Deb's picture on it. She did her research and found a local graphics company that would take on the project and keep the cost reasonable. Brandi shared her idea and the progress with her employer. They were touched and wanted to participate. So, instead of an outright monetary donation they contributed $100 toward the creation and printing of the tees. When it was all said and done, the invoice exceeded that $100 by about $50.00 - which the company graciously waived as their donation to our cause. As it turned out, Amy Daniels of MARZ Graphics and Design, lost her father (he was 41) to cancer. Amy and her team did a wonderful job for us. There is the beautiful picture of Deb on the back along with our team name and Deb's date of birth and death. And on the front left it says "Pittsboro Relay for Life May 16-17, 2008". We were a big hit and this will be hard to top next year. Little Bran, put your thinking cap on sweet girl!!!!

Like the completion of my first half marathon a few months ago, this was a life changing event for me. I met new people, made new friends, learned that this dreaded disease touches EVERYONE somehow and... there is good in all of us.

"I find my joy of living in the fierce and ruthless battles of life, and my pleasure comes from learning something." - August Strindberg

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Brandi said...

We rocked!! :)
Love you!!!!