Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A photoless post

It's like being topless...or worse yet, like leaving the house without my lipstick on!!! Aaaggghhh...a post without pictures. But you see, we are without our satellite at home for now and, as such, I'm having to mooch wi-fi service from whatever coffee house I can get into and don't have my laptop set up (yet) to talk to my digital camera - thus, no photo.

I really do LOVE living in the country but the battle we have with satellite (Internet and television) service is a constant one and one of sometimes great expense - although when one of us is unemployed any expense is a great expense! Because our dish is out of warranty, imagine that, we have to pay for the technician to come out and readjust the monstrosity! He's supposed to be here Thursday. We'll find the money somewhere...we can't be 'disconnected'!

So, while it may be a little quiet here on my "site" for the next day or two, know that all is well, Mike's feeling better and getting healthier every day, I'm still on the job hunt (had another interview yesterday, say a prayer), I'm getting ready to run the Torch Run for Special Olympics with the Chapel Hill Police Department and we're heading into the final leg of Relay for Life!!! My "team" will be arriving here between Thursday night and Friday afternoon and I'm so excited. No doubt I'll have plenty of pictures to share so stay tuned.

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