Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One advantage of being unemployed...

Wow, when you don't have to go to work everyday - - everyday COULD be a play day!!! And if I didn't have money to worry about, I could really get used to this not working thing and just having play dates with my buddies!! Like this one yesterday.
Coffee, tea, fresh fruit, sweet rolls - - - and sweet friends! What a glorious way to spend a Tuesday morning... Cathy and Linda and I were able to sneak in a few girl hours together yesterday morning in Meadowmont. Meadowmont is a multi-use, retail mix center in Chapel Hill. The complex is only a few years old and is a fabulous place for young couples (or retirees) just starting out. At this facility, there are condos (not apartments) above the retailers. And throughout the grounds are "cottages", townhomes, "lot homes" and upscale apartments. It's just beautiful there.
We hit "Cafe Carolina" first thing and treated ourselves to fresh fruit and ooey, gooey cinnamon rolls. Cathy had the quiche and said it was "dee-lish"! We had a WONDERFUL time of fellowship and discussed everything from politics to death (HA!! No, one doesn't necessarily lead to the other! Ha!). You wouldn't believe me if I told you some of the topics we get on - they'll stay our little secret.
As down as I have allowed myself to be in recent days, I am truly grateful for the time my unemployment has allowed me to spend with these dear friends of mine. And when we're together I sincerely treasure and value every minute because I know, in GOD's time, I will be back at work and I won't have the luxury of spending a Tuesday morning with these great women.
So, for now, when the opportunity presents itself, you'll find me enjoying coffee or tea and something sweet with my buddies.
"On wings of deeds the soul must mount! When we are summoned from afar, ourselves, and not our words, will count - not what we said, but what we are" - William Winter

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