Saturday, January 26, 2008

...oh the stillness of it...

Although not rare, it still isn't often we see snow here in Bear Creek. If we get any winter weather, it's typically nasty sleet and ice. This was a real treat last week (what can I say, I forgot to post & write about it...). This is a glimpse of our side "yard". I think it's beautiful against that famous Carolina blue sky...which, in addition to the mountains and the Carolina beaches, is one of the things I love most about this beautiful state.

I love snow only if it happens on a Friday night starting about 7:00 (and I'm not scheduled to play Bunco, have a church function or an event at The Rusty Bucket - all places I "hang out"). And what's best about it is the silence and solitude it brings. It's as if the world is asleep or just hunkered down and sitting quietly. And for the first few moments after the snow has stopped, even the birds are quiet.

I think everything and everyone is simply in awe and just taking in the beauty of it all.

It's been a week since this we got this snow. And now tomorrow, Sunday Jan. 27, we're expected to be in the high 40's to low 50's, which is actually "normal" for central Carolina.
I knew there was a reason I liked living here. *ahhh*

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Cathy said...

Hi Joyce, Linda says your emails are "bouncing"...she wants to make plans for our lunch date! Next week. Love your snow photos, we got very very little of that white stuff here in Cary.