Thursday, January 10, 2008

...and then there were none

...Christmas trees that is!
FINALLY - we got the trees out of the house (at least what was left of them!). The house is almost back to normal, whatever that means :) And this weekend will start the "cleaning of the closest" (yes, singular...remember, the house in ancient and as such we have no real closets to speak of. The one that's getting the "flush" is in our bedroom.) and I can't wait. Downsizing, that's my goal this I can make room for new stuff! Another goal this weekend - get my rear in gear and pick out the paint for the bedroom! Ugh! Ever since I've accepted (okay, not really) that Martha Stewart's "Rose Tinted White" is no longer available, I've pouted, folded my arms and huffed in disgust - - and gotten nothing done!! So, I'm picking myself up, determined to find something similar and acceptable and moving forward with the project. I have to, there's a new piece of furniture coming for the bedroom at the end of the month. MUST - GET - READY!

Had a little date night with the hubby last night - which we both enjoy 'cause our time together is rare! Nothing real exciting - Great Outdoor Provision, GNC, Old Navy, Dick's, REI, World Market, Pier 1, and Target (where we ran into a good friend and spent 40 minutes sitting, yes sitting, in the produce section catching up! Loved it!). Sounds like a lot I know but a lot of these were in one center and we just strolled.

An update on Ma (my grandmother). She's been sent home from the hospital and is resting as comfortably as possible. Mom's spending a lot of time there trying to help out where she can. The coming days and weeks will be a journey for Ma and the family but it's all about the journey, right? Keep her in your prayers.

"He who has begun has half done. Dare to be wise; begin!" - Horace
(how appropriate is this daily quote from my Franklin Covey planner given my sermon above?!)

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