Thursday, January 17, 2008

More Pictures

Good morning. Thursdays have always been my most favorite day of the week. Strange, huh? To me, Thursdays are like Christmas's the anticipation of the weekend. Knowing you're almost there...

I've got a few more photos to share with you of my girly potty...

This is a little grouping on the "big wall". I had planned on putting a framed poster print (Chat Noir) here but changed my mind. Instead there's a refurbished tin ceiling tile turned picture frame that I found last weekend. The photo is of me! Yep, a picture of myself. You need to understand how personally valuable that picture is to me. I am in my car driving HOME, across country from California back to Northern Virginia. That was the first time I smiled in almost a year - honestly. That chapter of my life just about did my entire family in... So, the photo is just a constant reminder to me of how much I love 1) my family and 2) the east coast!! In the same shop I found these tiny little framed pieces of old wallpaper. It's hard to see in this picture but there are little pink roses in the wallpaper, a perfect match. And to the left is a shabby chic pot holder I picked up in Occoquan when I was back home in Virginia a couple weeks ago. I had a bell jar that I put in there upside down instead of a terra cotta pot. There's just some pink wrapping stuff in there for now. My intention is to fill it full of prettily wrapped soaps - do you have any idea how expensive prettily wrapped soaps are??? Yeah, those'll be coming one bar by one bar!

For Christmas I got a Target gift card! I put it toward this cute little glass door cabinet that I hung above the toilet. Not sure if you can click on it to make it bigger. In case not, there are just a few pretties placed inside; a sweet little pink glass bunny candy dish, a WONDERFUL British rose tea pot that I found last weekend for a steal, some lotions from a dear, dear friend at church and a few other nicky nacks. That's a Longaberger wall basket on the wall (which I am SO tempted to paint white) and an antique sewing machine drawer on the back of the toilet, which I will definitely be painting white.

Finally, my man bust. I dragged him up from the basement and dressed him up a little. What do you think? Stupid? Most of you didn't have the blessing of knowing my friend Deborah, who just died from breast cancer. But if Deb saw this she'd tell me it's just fine - that it simply looks like a chick who's had a double mastectomy!!! And she'd be completely serious about it! (I love her...and I miss her so much that my heart actually hurts...). For now, that's where he/she's going to live. Maybe after our bedroom's done I'll find an even better spot for him/her.

By the way, my dear friend Cathy has offered to hunt down something with enough of a fleck of Martha Stewart's "Rose Tinted White" paint that I can hopefully take it and have it matched! I think I shared with you the funk I've been in because the paint simply doesn't exist anymore! If for some reason this method doesn't work, I have a backup plan but I'll be "hanging a lip" the entire time my dad and I will be painting - 'cause it won't be EXACTLY what I want! I'll be seeing Cathy this weekend and hopefully will be able to pick up the paint sample. Either way, by the end of the day Sunday, I'll have paint in hand and ready to start yet another project! I'm hoping to have my dad here the first week in February! Needless to say, there will be much to update you on!

"Change brings opportunities when people have been planning for it, are ready for it and have just the thing in mind to do when the new state comes into being". - Rosabeth Moss Kanter

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Cathy said...

Joyce...we forgot the paint!!! I am soooo sorry....reading this post reminded me. We must get together this month in order to get you that pain sample. Never fear, it will happen. HOpe you are keeping warm, Cathy