Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Perfect Man (?)

Well, he IS headless! Ha!

I have been carrying this guy around for years. He didn't live with me in Warrenton, Virginia or in San Diego, California but everywhere since. And for the life of me I can't remember how we met or when our relationship began! He's been living in the basement for the last 7 years and he never crossed my mind - until this week. I've come across a woman's blog that I LOVE. She has so many great ideas from table settings to how to efficiently go "junkin'", to inspirational quotes - I could go on and on. But the best is her decorating "style". In one of her posts she gives step-by-step instructions on how she brought to life a female bust she recently came across. At the time, she had a small shabby chic "cubicle" in a flea market and was using the bust to display necklaces and wraps. Her "Dolly" went from drab to fab in the time it took to spray paint her! That's right, a stinkin' can of spray paint and Dolly was dynamite. Of course, my man bust immediately came to the forefront of my brain. "I can revitalize this man" I thought! I can take him from dreary to dreamy - with just a can of Kilz! I was on it! And as you can see by the photo, he's pretty hot - well, as hot as a headless, heartless dude can be! Now, the dilema - - Does "Skip" stay in the basement all dressed up with no place to go? *sigh*
My plan was to bring him - yes, you guessed it - up to my new potty. It is taking on a shabby chic air to it and, well, he would fit in. He would fit in with style but I'm thinking he may be too big. Shh...I'm waiting until Mike goes to work to drag Skip upstairs and give him a test run. Maybe if he doesn't fit in my potty he can stand stoically in the corner of our bedroom? Um, yeah - I don't see that happening! I'm open for suggestions friends!

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