Monday, January 14, 2008

Pretty Plates

Happy Monday friends. I hope it was a wonderful weekend for you whatever you got into. Mine ended up turning out okay but it started off in the pits Friday evening/night. It was simply a "missing my friend Deb" day/night and I couldn't pull myself out of the slump. I was determined Saturday would be better and it was. I was up early, took a body sculpting class at 9:15 and was shopping at "Fetch" in Hillsborough by noon. I could've spent a small fortune in there, which is extra easy to do since she is way overpriced in my opinion. But I did treat myself to 4 sweet little "old" plates.
I don't know anything about them; where they came from, what "brand" they are, the age...but I don't really care. I just like them and I could afford them. I picture myself having lunch with someone(s) special and using my pretty little plates *sigh*. That's all we'll be using though, 'cause there were no pretty cups/saucers to match or old silverware either! Ha! Just me, my guests and our pretty little plates!
On the way home Saturday I swung through Carborro and stopped in Carr Mill Mall. There's a particular shop in there that Mike and I really like. I wanted to see if they had any of the white feathered angle wing ornaments left - they didn't. BUT, all of their soy candles were on sale at 40% off! If you haven't burned a soy candle, treat yourself to it. Clean and super scented and great for the earth! Go green whenever possible.
Saturday night was rearranging my potty. I know, first you say "didn't she just renovate that bathroom?", then you ask "how big IS this room?", then you wonder "doesn't she have anything better to do?"... Well, yes I just renovated but it's not quite right, the bathroom's not that big but I'm a master at making things fit/work and no, I don't have anything better to do than make my house a home! These changes are picture worthy and I'll get them done and posted ASAP.
And what a glorious day Sunday was. Sunday is our long run day for our trainging program (remember, we're running a 1/2 marathon in March). I had 6 miles to run and didn't know how I was going to fit it in. So, to be sure I didn't waiver from the program I was in Pittsboro running at 7:30 am. Am I devoted (or stupid) or what!! Let me tell you, it's very sleepy in Pittsboro on Sunday mornings at 7:30... But it was wonderful and really kick-started my day. After that, it was off to church. Great message as usual - "your salvation will see you through anything you're faced with". And after church I went to a recipe card making party at The Rusty Bucket, where we sampled the recipe we were printing up - it was white chocolate hot cocoa...again I say, what a glorious Sunday.

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