Monday, January 7, 2008

After The Weekend

Good morning and welcome to Monday. Boy, they sure do come around quickly... It was a difficult weekend. The trip is always a long one, typically an average drive of 5 hours each way, but this weekend was emotionally draining as well because I needed to be near/with my grandmother as she's been in the hospital since last Thursday afternoon. Without going into much detail, she weathered her surgery Friday afternoon and has been in ICU ever since. While the surgery went well, there are "issues" with her heart that are concerning and as such, the doctors are not willing to move her from the ICU ward - which suits me fine. My grandfather has been a trooper throughout this ordeal and has been surrounded by family willing to help him in anyway he may need. FYI...Ma is 82 and Pop is 84. And up until about a year ago in rather overall good health. I have been truly blessed. And we really got a chuckle Saturday night when Ma's night nurse came in and put together there were four generations in the room - Ma, Mom, me and Brandi Lee! That ALWAYS gets a "what????" outta' people!

My time with Jess was awesome! Only someone with as much love for horses knows how much I TREASURE my time with my equine love... He brings me such solace and peace (and a big hurt in my checking account!). We had some real quality, alone time Saturday and I can't wait to see and be with him again! And while in the country I hit The Purple Plum only to discover the entire store was on sale at 30% off! Needless to say I didn't leave empty handed!

Sweet Bran made the quick trip up from VA Beach Saturday after work. We went to see Ma Saturday evening. I'm so glad Ma was able to visit with Bran and know that she was there. I'm prayerful it made Ma's heart happy...she adores Bran (as do we all :) ). Of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without our Sunday trip to Occoquan! And yes, we did a little damage there, too. One of my new favorite shops is Willow Street, a shabby-chic shop with an awesome shop owner, someone I'd love to have lunch with! Got some new "drawer pulls" to trade out on another cabinet I've put in my bathroom along with a hanging pot holder that I have BIG plans for! I need to take and post more pics of the potty - it's changed since you've last seen it.

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing." - Abraham Lincoln

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Cathy said...

Hey Joyce,
I will keep your grandmother in my prayers. Glad your visit went well, sounds like you did alot! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!