Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Good morning and welcome to 2008! I hope the evening was a safe and memorable one for you all. Mike had to work but I was able to join him for dinner in Chapel Hill, which is always a treat for us. I was home by 8:30 - we party hard here in Bear Creek! Suits me just fine as I was up at my usual time this morning and ready to start my day.

I think a little later this afternoon Mike and I will be taking down the Christmas decor; it's time. I'm ready to get my little house back in order and kick start this new year. I've reflected some on 2007 and have decided I am proud of the woman I was last year. And, God willing, I will grow and be even more productive, peaceful and positive in 2008.

I learned a lot about living and more than I cared to about dying in 2007. I realize now that I watched my neighbor and dear friend Deborah die in 2007. Deborah had been battling breast cancer for the last 5 years, the entire time I knew her really. It had spread throughout her frail little body and finally took her life on the 14th of December. I was blessed to have known Deb and was with her just 5 hours before she took her last breath. I treasure the last meeting we had together when she was still "coherent"...the last thing she said to me was "I love you"... what better memory of my friend could I possibly have? The days since the 14th have been wrought with emotion; heartbreak at the loss of my friend, sweet as I was surrounded by my family at Christmas, heartfelt appreciation to Jesus Christ for my salvation - endless emotion.

But 2007, and God, was good to me. I learned about giving of my time and the few things I'm good at; cooking for others, sitting with Deb when she could no longer be left alone, providing "business" services (faxing, copying, etc.) to Deb's family when they began having to deal with the court system and the attorneys. I spent more time with others. I began a training program for marathon runners as Mike and I will be participating in our first 1/2 marathon in March 2008. I ran two 5k races - and finished! I bolted from my house every month when it was time to meet my buddies Cathy and Linda for lunch on our special days - oh how I treasure that time together. I enjoyed every event I participated in with my Ladies Aid group at my church - too countless to mention. I laughed every time the phone rang and it was Karen because I knew that call was going to be at least an hour long - I don't know how we come up with the things we talk about (lol). And of course I welcomed my regular trips home to see Jess, the equine love of my life, my parents, my daughter and often my grandparents. *Sigh*. And I am oh so grateful for the safety of my husband; that he endured 2007 unharmed as did his entire department. I implore each of you to keep your public servants (police and fire fighters) in your prayers daily.

I'm prayerful that 2008 will be even more spiritually filled for me. God willing, I will be better biblically as a wife, mother, friend, daughter, granddaughter, child of God...woman. Resolutions are really pointless, don't you think? Our lives are God's plan, not our own. We're not promised another day, let alone an entire year. But I will strive to continue to live a Christ-like life and be an example to others - no matter the cost. "You are better than you think and not yet what you expect to be"...Nikki Giovanni at the memorial for the Viginia Tech Masacre. I am also hopeful that the grief for my friend will ease over time. I know I will never forget Deb but the emptiness simply cannot stay in my heart. Most days are fine but some are so hard. I can't even imagine how her mother, father and sister must feel... I will make it a point to stay in touch with them. *Sigh*

I will also make it a point to blog regularly (although I don't know that anyone is reading this! Ha!)! My intentions are good but I start reading other peoples' entries and before you know it, HOURS have passed and I haven't written a thing OR gotten any work done! But I have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. I have plans to finish "remodeling" our bedroom AND our dining room. SO, we'll have mucho pictures to share and lots to talk about and plenty of reason to blog regularly! So stay tuned.

Before I forget, the photo at the top is of the gang on Christmas afternoon. I can't tell you how many "takes" it took to get even this photo - we have a hard-headed dog!!! She couldn't understand why EVERYONE was outside and NO ONE was taking her for a walk!

Have a WONDERFUL day and know that I'm grateful for each of you and how you touch my life...


Cathy said...

Happy New Year Joyce! Love your family photo, so good of everyone and such sweet smiles!!! Congrats on the blog, it is great to read and keep in touch this way too! I am sorry for your friend's passing, but she was a fortunate person to have good friends and family who cared for her and remember her with love.
See you soon,

Brandi said...

Hey there, Mama!!
Love the blog, keep the comments coming! :) And tell Cathy hi! (if she remembers me...LoL)