Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First BUNCO of the year

I hope this becomes a regular event in my life! I hear there are die-hard BUNCO clubs out there and now I know why! Just look at this group of characters, will ya?!

Let's see...from left to right that's Karen in the yellow, Amy (Cathy's oldest daughter) in black in the back, that's little tiny April in the grey in front, that's Cathy's younger daughter, Sarah, in the front, that's Annie (tall blond) in the back, that's Debbie in the brown in the front (not sure what THAT face is about - ha!), that's me in the back, that's Cathy next to me and finally cute Ruth on the end! We were short 3 players so Cathy brought in a couple of subs. Here's one of them...I'm not sure but I think she said her name is Emily - -

She had two other friends with her that helped us
out in our pinch! Our we corruptive or what? Oh, it takes so little to amuse us!

This go around we played for money! Let me tell you, I've never spent $5.00 on anything better!

I'm curious to know if any of you out there in Blog Land play this game? If so, share stories and pictures!

The men in our lives have no idea what we get into once we close the door behind us! I am SO grateful for these women in my life - even if I only get to see them every now and again...I appreciate the laughter they bring me. And they help me forget difficult matters even for just a few hours - and most don't even know it.

"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend." Martin Luther King, Jr.


Cathy said...

Hey Joyce! I vote for monthly bunco!!! Great photos. We did have a good time. Your photo turned out better than mine of the group. You still get the prize for furthest traveled, but oh so glad you came, thanks for my adorable teapot ornament/bell, it is way too cute. You are such a dear friend, Cathy

Brandi said...

LOVE the picture!!! :) Next time I'm there we'll have to arrange a Bunco party...I'll bring the alcohol... LoL!! Love you! Bran