Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I'll spare you most of the commentary and just share the weekend in pictures instead. Enjoy - we did!!!

It was Carolina vs Boston College (Carolina won!!! Go heels!!!)

It rained...

...and rained (hey, don't laugh at the plastic "trash bag" rain gear! They were truly a saving grace!)

But sometimes the sun peeked out and we had to put on some bling! (Hmm...that little girl next to me musta' ate some bad cotton candy...)

And that made us super happy!!

Then, we were off to the races! For the annual Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA 2008 Pumpkin Run!!

At this point, Brandi's second guessing her willingness to participate in this event with us!! Ha!!

But she finally warmed up to the idea (and was able to pin her bib to her shirt) and told us she was here to save the day!!

Bran and I ran the 2.5+ miles in about 25 minutes...not bad for a first time trail runner and an aging "big block"! Here are Bran and Michael after the run relaxing and looking forward to some pizza!! Of course, if I didn't eat so much pizza I could probably run a lot faster... Forget it, I really like eating pizza!!!

I'm getting ready for some post-race photo ops...

Michael and me cheesing and feeling pretty good about having put another notch in our running belts...and a little half notch because Bran got to play, too!

Bran, it's our only desire that you'd agree that we made precious memories with you this weekend and that you enjoyed your birthday goodies!!! It is such a wonderful feeling to give, isn't it? Thanks for letting us celebrate you...
Be sure and share your cupcakes with the girls at work.
We love you bunches you little schtoogy...

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Brandi said...

I cannot believe you posted that photo of me!!! OMG, you must delete it!! You caught me off guard!! No fair. :)
I had the bestest weekend ever!! :) LOVED the football game, and I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing that trail race w/o stopping. The hills were a bit daunting...LOL But I did it! And I hope you know how much I appreciate everything you both did for me - we made some great memories!! Can't wait to see you in two weeks! Yippeeeee!!! :)