Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Almost Forgot

Oh, that is such a lie... I didn't forget to post this event and these pictures. Truth is, I've just been in a funk, feeling sorry for myself and not very "perky" or creative - which I think is what makes reading these things so much fun.

But we had such a good time here that I didn't want anymore time to pass without calling out a great date night with my DH.

I went to and graduated from (with a BS degree) a 4 year college. However, due to my circumstances I needed to stay close to home and chose a small college that I could drive to daily. My school did not have extra curricular activities; there was no basketball team, no football team, no marching band, etc. At the time, I didn't miss those typical college experiences because I was so focused on school and raising my daughter and finishing college, a statistic that was really unrealistic and almost out of reach for someone like me in my situation.

But today, 20 years later, I am experiencing those things that were just out of my reach. And I am loving it! And maybe even appreciating it a little more because I'm old enough to really grasp what's going on around me.

On Saturday October 4th my husband took me to the UNC vs UCONN football game. My first ever. This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but to me it was a long dream come true! The kids, the junk food, the band, the cheerleaders, ESPN, the alumni, and the sea of Carolina blue...I was in awe...
I'm not sure how long you have to live in a "new" place or what, exactly, you have to do to officially "come from there" but after that silly college football game, I thought to myself "I've arrived - I'm a Carolina girl"!!! I mentioned this to my preacher the Sunday after the game - he's originally from the Northern Neck of VA. He said he thinks one has to attend a Nascar race in order to truly reach Carolina status - at least that's what the men at church told him. I said if that's the case, I'll NEVER officially be a Carolina girl!!! Sorry race car fans!!

Regardless, I will forever be grateful to my husband for making this memory with and for me. He knew I had this little tiny hole in my heart and it was his desire to help me fill it. And I'm sure this will just be the first of many UNC football games. Second to being true Wildcats (DH went to UK), we are by geographic default Tarheel fans - true, Carolina blue Tarheel fans.

I hope this little Tarheel fan stores this memory safely in her heart. I just wish her parents knew how it warmed me so that they were exposing their child to such good, wholesome fun so early on... Without even knowing it, they may have planted the college seed in this little girl. We can only wait to see what her life holds.

Go heels!!!

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Brandi said...

Go heels!!! Can't wait for next weekend!!!! :)