Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Down, One To Go

Saturday was the epitome of the perfect Carolina day. A crisp, brisk, "see your breath" morning with blinding sunshine and the bluest of skies that you can only find in North Carolina. But you know in just a matter of a few hours the temperature will be t-shirt and jeans perfect!

And it was a great day for a race!

The DH and I ran the Carrboro 10k (6.22 miles) Saturday morning and both of us set personal records! Yeah Mineers!! Yeah "big blocks"!! The Carrboro 10k is the second in the Tri-Fecta of races that this little town is hosting. We ran the first on July 4th and the last will be run Thanksgiving Morning (I've already convinced myself that means I can eat unlimited amounts of stuffing and dinner roles - yep...). We understand that if you complete all three races you're rewarded with a great Brooks running jacket! And, well, I'm all about the free stuff! I figure why not? I KNOW I'm never going to win one of these races so why not be in it for the goodies - and the good health that comes with it...

As the runners crossed the finish line, we were directed to the track where we could load up on water, power aid drinks, bagels and bananas - yum! This is a great time to chat with everyone, learn a little bit about the fellow runners and just take some time to cool off and relax.

Here we are after finding each other when I crossed the finish line. Happy, healthy and successful. See what I mean about that Carolina sky? I know every state in this awesome country of ours has something magnificent to offer. Carolina does not fall short. The mountains, the Carolina coast... and that Tarheel blue sky. I simply love it...
And if you take the time to linger awhile you will have the pleasure of watching the best part of the day - the kids' race. I had my money on superman (you see him there on the left)... I shouldn't have been fooled by the shirt! He fell back quickly and never recovered. I wonder if there's a Tri-Fecta for 4 year olds - children, that is, not equines! Ha!

I love this little life of mine and everyone I have in it.

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