Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nature - Beautiful and Brutal

I have a love-hate relationship with nature.

I'm the first to admire and mention something awesome and wondrous and breathtakingly beautiful.

I'm the first to grab the camera and stop one of those moments "mid-flight".

What I have NEVER been able to get my mind around, however, is how we can have something so pretty in our world as these Gerbera Daises every spring...

Or something as magnificent as the view of the Rockie Mountains from Estes Park, CO...

And, at the same time, something so heartbreaking as this - a 3 legged deer.

I was sitting on the sofa yesterday morning drinking my coffee when I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. I went to the window and saw this sweet little girl grazing in the side yard. She was facing the opposite direction when I looked out the window and I noticed when she moved she sort of hopped. I then realized I didn't see her front, right leg. I thought to myself, "awe, she's hurt and is holding her leg up". But then she turned around and I saw full on that she doesn't HAVE a front right leg.

I was filled with anger... Seriously??? A deer with only 3 legs? Much like a horse, a deers legs are their life line.

Oh, why does it have to be so...hard and mean? Or why can't I not let it bother me so much?

They say when we get to heaven we will be in such awe of our Heavenly Father that we won't care about what's going on here on earth or what we've left behind. I'm hoping and praying that's not the case because I have a list of questions the length of my arm that I really want answered when I get there. And one of them is why do the little animals have to suffer?

But herein lies the good news, I guess. It's going to be perfect in Heaven isn't it my friends. Simply perfect and without pain or sorrow or tears of sadness or sickness or soreness... or 3 legged deers. Amen to that...

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Brandi said...

I have never before seen anything like this... I'm wondering, did something happen to her, and the wildlife people amputated it? Or, was she born this way? I'll have to ask Dr. Jones, I'm curious...But, at least for a few minutes, she had some peace in your yard, and breakfast. :)