Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wrapping Up or Starting Over - I'm Not Sure Which

I've been having "one of those days" since LAST Sunday!

I have all the technology one could possibly need when one travels. I have cell phones, blackjacks, laptops, free wireless Internet service WHEREVER I go... there is absolutely no excuse for me getting behind on my "blogging"... except that I am exhausted!

Last Monday (7/14) I left for Birmingham, AL. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning visiting two shopping centers (Pell City & Trussville, AL). I got up Wednesday morning, participated in a conference call (safely in the parking lot of one of my centers) and then began the 4 hour drive down to Mobile. Believe me when I tell you there is not much happening between Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama.

I travel extensively with this new job. Ideally, they'd like for their leasing reps to be on the road every week. I simply cannot do that. In exchange, when I am on the road (which is just about 3 weeks out of 4) I give them my full attention and time. My days are full and typically I am still on my computer in my hotel up until 10:00 at night sending out updates on my day. I say all this to say, by 10:30 PM I don't have enough in me to post something creative and witty on my blog. And before I know it, an entire week has gone by...

It's Sunday morning now (again) and I'm at my parents house. Yep, I got home Thursday night from Mobile (my laptop fell in the airport and, well, I'm pretty sure that's history - my car barely made it home for all the spitting and sputtering it did - it's going to the "doctor" tomorrow - wish us luck) unpacked my suitcase and repacked it only to turn around Friday afternoon and make the 5 hour drive to Northern Virginina because this was my weekend with my horse. It's been a crazy weekend - fast and furious but with a TON of laughs and silliness. But it's quiet right now and I'm enjoying it. No one else is up's just me, my coffee and my blog :) If I were more disciplined, I'd be outside getting in a run (Mike & I are running in the Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon over Labor Day weekend) before I set out for home but... I can't seem to get myself motivated enough!

My week was full of so much - accomplishment, safe travels, appreciation, new friends made, a closer walk with God, visits with long-lost loved ones, visits with current-close loved ones, laughter, sunshine - way too much than I deserve but all of which I am thankful and grateful for...

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