Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thankful Thursday

"Virtue" : General moral excellence. Boy, that's a lot to strive for. I better get started...

1) I'm thankful for my safe and productive travels to and throughout Alabama last week;
2) I'm thankful for the three Christian women that were put in front of me during those travels last week;
3) I'm thankful for taking the risk and tasting (eating) the gulf shrimp at the "Cajun Steamer" - YUMMO!!!!;
4) I'm thankful for being able to be home this entire week;
5) I'm thankful that there's a good chance I'll be home all next week (not much choice, hubby is off to Wilmington for a week for a conference so I have to be home with the critters);
6) I'm thankful that my daughter and son-in-law are considering North Carolina as a new place to live (although I will be supportive of whatever decision they make...I've learned that the hard way!);
7) I'm thankful that my outside kitty "Big G" was on the porch for breakfast this morning (I haven't seen him in over a week - but he is my biggest "explorer");
8) I'm thankful that my dad is feeling better;
9) I'm thankful that David MacEwen (he owns the farm where I board my horse) is resting comfortably at home after suffering a heart attack;
10) I'm thankful that I'll be able to pick up my car this afternoon - OH SO THANKFUL!!!
11) I'm thankful for the rain we've had this week;
12) I'm thankful to Benjamin & Samuel for cutting our grass (field) this week;
13) I'm thankful I didn't get called up for jury duty this week (one down, 5 to go...)

I'll turn off my appreciation faucet here and save some for next Thursday. Have a beautiful day, everyone, and take a few minutes to step outside, get some fresh air and consider all the good in your own lives...

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