Thursday, July 10, 2008

Let's Get Caught Up, Shall We, On This a Thankful Thursday

Oh my goodness... how do the days get away so quickly? How did I get so far behind? I promise, it's not as if I've been poolside with a cocktail in hand...

Let's go back in time so that, if you're interested, I can fill you in on the last few days.

First, there was last Friday - better known as July 4th! We were up bright and early and right on time for the gun to go off at the starting line for the "4 on 4th Tour de Carborro" race! Mike and I each had personal goals for this little 4-miler and I'm happy to report we both surpased what we set out to achieve! Yeah us! Here we are at the end of the race - looking pretty healthy despite the heat and humidity. I still don't know what to do about all that junk in my trunk!

Carborro is a small town/suburb right outside of Chapel Hill. There were at least 300 people running in this little, local race. We were very impressed with the turnout as well as the quality of runners. There are numerous running clubs in Carborro and a specialized retail outlet for the "serious runner and biker" - Fleet Feet. The ratio is great and, therefore I imagine, explains the mass participating in this annual event. The "4 on 4th" is the first of a tri-fecta (?) of races Carborro hosts. And yes, Lord willing and we stay healthy, we will be participating in the other two (around Thanksgiving and Christmas I believe). So, stay tuned!

We left Carborro and headed to Budget where we picked up the rental car (I hope Mike didn't offend the people standing next to him - there was no time to shower before picking up the vehicle).

We hurried back to the house where we did take time to bathe, grab a snack and load the car. After that, we were off to Kentucky. It was the annual Mineer family reunion weekend. This is headed up and hosted by Mike's great Aunt Bernie (one of his grandmother's sisters). Aunt Bernie is awesome! She's in her late 80's and is active and vibrant and a treat to be around - I love Aunt Bernie. She and her husband, Uncle Pete, lived in Flemingsburg, KY forever. After Uncle Pete died, a few years ago, Aunt Bernie sold her house and relocated to Kansas to be closer to her youngest son David. David is married and has 4 boys (the oldest getting ready to go into the 3 grade and the youngest just 17 months old). Aunt Bernie is brave... The arrangement has worked out wonderfully for all - David and his family benefit from having his mom there full time to help with the children and the house and Aunt Bernie is surrounded by youth and activity and those who love her and respect her and keep her healthy and active!

I love pictures. And I really don't mind at all having my own picture snapped. But I have to say that I debated long and hard on whether or not to post this one. My husband said "um, what's up with that face?". The only thing I can think of is that I was just so...giddy with happiness?

Regardless, look past my silly face and just know that this is me giving my father-in-law a big squeeze. This is Bill Mineer and I love him. We don't talk on the phone ever and I only get to see him about once every 2 years but that just doesn't seem to matter. Because when we do get to be together, it's just like it seems in this picture... I'm grateful to him for bringing my husband into this world for me to "have" and I'm pretty sure he's grateful to me for loving his son as much as I do.

Another treat for us at family reunion time is getting to be with the kids...that's code for filling them full of chocolate, chips, Dairy Queen and soda, chase them around in circles and then deliver them back to their parents (hee, hee, hee)!

This is a great shot of Miss Madyson, James (Mike's step-sister (I hate that terminology)Christie's husband) and Madyson's little brother Hayden. I'm pretty sure James had the kids take a big swig of Mountain Dew, sit on his lap and here he is shaking them up hoping they'll explode! Madyson and Hayden belong to Gina - sweet, sweet Gina (how'd I not get a picture of her???). Gina is Mike's step-sister (ugh, there's that term again!) also. Madyson looks exactly like her dad and Hayden is the mirror image of his mom with those big, beautiful brown eyes. The mothers of the neighborhood girls may want to invest in Kleenex 'cause I'm sure this one's gonna' be a heart breaker!

And, be still my heart, here is the famous Aunt Wilma! Aunt Wilma is Mike's dad's sister and my sweet buddy! Aunt Wilma had some quality time with her grand-niece Molly at the reunion luncheon. Miss Molly belongs to Kathy (Aunt Wilma's niece - her sister's daughter) and Paul and is truly the light of their lives. I'm sure Aunt Wilma doesn't get to be with Molly as much as she'd like but I know when they are with one another memories are made...much like in this picture.

While I haven't listed all the things I'm grateful for in today's post, I'm hopeful that they're clearly visible in these handful of pictures. You know, words don't always need to be spoken for us to be heard or understood.


Brandi said...

What an awesome pic of Aunt Wilma and Michael's dad!! :)

Dolly said...

Love your thankful thursday post!

Hugz, Dolly