Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twenty Interesting Things About...ME

I have a handful of blogs that I read daily. I am a loyal follower, or stalker depending on your perspective.

One that especially tickles my fancy is this one. I suggest you visit immediately and often. Ree is funny, honest and sincere in her writing and when I read her daily posts, it's almost as if I'm on the ranch with her.

The Pioneer Woman has many facets to her blog, including Homeschooling. Because I have no real interest in this subject, I often times just skim through that section and move on. But recently on the sidebar of the Homeschooling section, I found where a mom did a project with her students where they had to research certain public figures and learn twenty interesting things about them. I took the time to go through a few and found myself amused much and saying, "huh" countless times.

So, because nothing else has come to the forefront of my gray matter, I thought I'd do the same about me! Sign out now if your expectations are too great.

This is me and here we go...

1) I had my daughter when I was 16 years old. I only missed two weeks of school.

2) I am the female version of my, really.

3) I went to college on a full scholarship. No place fancy. Extremely local. But I got that degree, nonetheless.

4) I bought myself a Ford F-150 pick up truck as a gift to me when I graduated from college. I still have it.

5) I don't ever remember spending the night with either set of grandparents. I'll have to confirm this with Mom, but I'm pretty sure this is a factoid.

6) I hate to watch sports on television but will attend any event live and in person.

7) I have lived in California. Hated it...for a number of reasons.

8) I've been horseback riding in Estes Park, CO. LOVED IT!

9) I have a small collection of cowboy boots.

10) I would rather shop for anything but clothes.

11) My favorite sound is my daughter laughing.

12) My favorite smell was the smell of my horse...

13) I will avoid confrontation at any cost.

14) While I am an avid runner now, and love it, I only started 3 years ago.

15) I treasure my family.

16) My mom had me in organ lessons when I was about 7 or 8. I had a German instructor named Jean Letzenheizer. I could only play by ear. She was determined I was going to read my music. We fought. I cried. She did not encourage this "natural talent". I quit. It's the one grudge I still carry and the one person I will never be able to forgive.

17) Truly and honestly, the smallest of things make me very happy.

18) Time, and how and why we measure everything by it, freaks me out.

19) I am terrified of growing old and feeble.

20) I love to people watch.

I thought I was going to have some trouble finding 20 things to write about myself. Turns out, that was pretty easy. And I wouldn't have to try real hard to find 20 more. But you're probably not that interested, right? Of course, my 7 loyal followers are all family and close friends so I've probably not told you anything you don't already know!

But thanks for entertaining me anyway.


Marianne said...

Yes I am loyal follower! Great stuff!

Ronalyn said...

I learned a couple of new things... :)

Brandi said...

I love all these things about you, and more that you don't know :) <3