Thursday, June 16, 2011

How The Hell Does HE Rate?

I tried to copy and paste the entire email that the hubs forwarded to me. Seeing the entire message would've made this post that much better.

You know the commercial for that bank (yeah, I have no idea what bank they're advertising but the premise stays embedded in my mind) where they have the owner of some dog getting their dog to say "I Love My Bank"? My rendition of said commercial would be "I Love My Vet".

We've been taking our herd of critters to Cole Park Veterinary Clinic for...ever. If I had the money back that we've given this awesome facility, I'd be driving a Mercedes. A Mercedes SUV. A Mercedes SUV with a lifetime subscription to OnStar. A Mercedes SUV with a lifetime subscription to OnStar and one that could self-parallel park. A get the picture.

All kidding aside and with as much seriousness as this zit on the side of my face, the docs and staff ARE moving into their BRAND NEW, STATE-OF-THE-ART facility this weekend. They've invited us to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the wing they've named The Mineers - Suckers.

I love my vet. They take care of those I love. They love them as much as we do.

Even Munchie.

So much so, he got an e-card via my husband's email account wishing him a happy, frickin' birthday! Okay, I'm his human mother and I don't even know when the tree-fearer, freak-of-nature was born! I should be a little ashamed but, instead, I am now even more impressed with these people!


I'll tell you this for free, people...if the staff at Cole Park sends an eb-day card to us for every creature on my place, I'm contacting the media...or anyone left at Dorothea Dix!!


Ronalyn said...


Both Zed and Esa have gotten "Get Well" cards from the emergency vet.

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