Friday, June 17, 2011

Bragging Rights

I am a mom. I've been a mom for awhile now and have loved, and continue to love, the journey this role takes me. I am only a mom once-over, meaning I've only birthed one child - naturally, I might add. Natural childbirth, not "naturally, I've birthed only one child". Because I did it right and so well the first time, there was no need to mess with perfection and have any more offspring.

I am not an only child but my daughter has always said it's great! Of course, her opinion is jaded because 1) she was the first and only grandchild for years, 2) she never had to share any of her personal belongings, 3) she was never compared to a brother or sister, 4) although she rarely did, she could watch whatever she wanted on the television, 5) she never had to share a bathroom, 5) she was, is and will always be the center of our universe and...she doesn't like other children.

Because my wee one throws up a little in her mouth whenever she's around other wee, WEE ones, she's opted not to have children of her own. Smart move. Don't go birthin' no babies if you don't like 'em!

As a result, obviously, we will never be grandparents - in the real sense/meaning of the role. We do, however, have three beautiful grandcats. I couldn't be more proud. I could be a little happier if one in particular at least LIKED his grandmother but I have to take what I can get.

Our three, 4-legged grands went for their annual check up today, a trip I'm sure I could write a book about. More on that later.

Our oldest, "Little Bean, Junior"/"Bean"/"Beanie"/"LBJ", got a glowing review. You see, Little Bean suffers with...well, it's his weight...he has a lot of it...and it brings him down...and it worries his physician and family. He's aware of it but, like we all know, the struggle with our waist lines and hips is an ongoing, frustrating one. But this day, we have much to celebrate! You see, Bean is down from 30 lbs to 27.76. That's right, Internet! This cat weighs just less than HALF of my Labrador Retriever!!!

And this is how he's decided to celebrate his recent achievement...


Ronalyn said...

Bravo to Brandi for realizing you DON'T have to have kids.

Bravo to your grandcat for losing weight - I can't believe he was 30 lbs - that's twice Zed's weight!

Brandi said...

Awwwww Beanie weenie weenie <3 <3 And I'm so glad you're not looking for "real" grandkids!!!! :) the grand cats will always be better :)