Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Gym

My husband "won me over" by sitting on my back porch with me, drinking the best wine EVER and telling me I had beautiful legs. Yeah, he was good...

The "dog wines" hold a very special place in my heart and memory and on my taste buds, too. But since moving to North Carolina, finding "Our Dog Blue" and his buddies is like trying to find a twenty in the bottom of my purse - usually never. So imagine my excitement when, of all frickin' places, I totally stumble on the stuff in the damn Mobil frickin' gas station in Pittsboro, NC!! I know, I've said frickin' too many times but it's the only way I can think to express my glee!! And what's even more freakish is that I NEVER go into this place! I've lived here 9 years and I can count on one hand the number of times I've been in this place.

But on this particular morning, I needed change and I needed a bottle of water for my tri-fecta of workouts I was facing at Ladies Fitness. The Mobil station was the closest, hence my quick stop in. As I made my way to the check out counter, the dogs barked out to me... what's that? I looked at Habeeb, the clerk at the register, and said, "I can't believe you SELL this stuff?!" (look at Habeeb, look at the rack of dogs, look at Habeeb - all while donning a grin from ear to ear). Habeeb obviously isn't getting it. But he's being polite and smiling at me just to amuse me because I'm sure he's thinking this is a deterant and I'm really packing heat in the yoga bag slung over my shoulder.

"Our Dog Blue! From Chateau Morrisette! In Virginina! I can't believe you SELL this stuff!! Do you know what you have here, man? Do you know how special this stuff is to me!? This stuff is equivilent to a diamond engagement ring to me (which, by the way Internet, I never received). I can't believe it..."

I could see that Habeeb was now jumping on this bandwagon with me. I could detect a little gleam in his eye. Yep. Then Habeeb leaned over the counter and said, "That'll be $1.32 for the water m'am."

Now that I'm aware of this little gem keeping residence at that frickin' Mobil station in Pittsboro, NC , Habeeb's gonna' be seeing a lot of this "it really takes very little to make me happy" chick!

"WOOF" - which is dog for "Cheers"


Brandi said...

Yaay for Habeeb sellin your crack wine!!!! :) :)

Karen said...

that is frickin' awesome...sorry, couldn't help myself - it looked like fun to say frickin' !!