Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My (Last) Weekend

My weekends tend to be typical. That's cool. But this past weekend was exceptional for me. Not for any particular reason but it just seemed all the stars were aligned, to include beautiful NC weather - for which I am so grateful for.

The kickoff was dinner with the hubs - a RARITY people!! Talk about being grateful!! I simply enjoy being in his presence...I hope he feels the same! We hit the bird - the robin - the nest! Yummers!

Saturday morning met with an early spin class. I was spinning, in more ways than one, at 8:30. I'd resisted this new class being offered at the gym for over 3 months because of a bad experience I had over 20 years ago. No, I don't hold grudges.

I went in with a new attitude and an open mind and the intention to ask the instructor to get me set up adequately so that this experience was a positive one. Check, check and check... And as good as the experience was, it hurt my ego. I am not in as good a shape as I thought, at least not for this type of workout. There were "moves" I could not complete (ouch, that hurt). I'd have to back off and sit and just pedal until I collected myself. Now I'm determined. I'm going back again and again until I reach the spinning sumit.

Then I hit the gym for a round of weight lifting. I am not intimated to "pump some iron" (ha!) at the YMCA on a Saturday morning at 9:00. The teens are sleeping in and the seniors are sipping coffee and reading the paper at McDonalds. I practically have the place to myself!

(Disclaimer: I do not wear unitards to the gym. Just needed to make that clear.)

After all that, it was my turn to drink coffee and read a few lines. This I thouroughly enjoyed at the little coffee house next to our Carolina Brewery in town, whose name escapes me. But it was deelish! And because the weather was purfect, I sat outside and watched the comings and goings of the folks enjoying the farmer's market that was being held in the parking lot (fresh bread and eggs anyone?...I did pick up 2 bars of goats' soap with lavendar. The smell sucked me in. And I'm loving it).

Then, it was back to the ranch where there was work to be done. Time to mow the yard, the acres, the field. I like to mow the yard. Gives me time to think and ponder. And I like the way my kitties lay scattered throughout the place in the cool, freshly cut green stuff. They're silly. I'm easily entertained. I love my kitties.

(Disclaimer: I do not wear a straw hat when I mow the yard.)

And finally on Sunday, after a quick run through town, I met up with a friend and her two girls and we hit the lake. It was glorious. Not only am I fortunate enough to live a few short hours away from the prestine Carolina beaches, I am but a mere 15 mintues away from Jordan Lake. I encourage you to visit the next time you're in town.

I sat. I soaked up the rays, under a layer of sunscreen of course. I was warm to the core. I put my feet in sand, in mud. I floated. I swam. I did the frog move with my legs. I wore my new bathing suit. I ate grapes.

I had an awesome weekend. It really takes very little for me.

Looking forward to the start of another good one beginning at 5:00 Friday!

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Brandi said...

JC says now that's a great weekend! :)