Monday, July 27, 2009

Well, It Wasn't On My "Bucket List"

...but I SURE am glad I went!!

My husband has, and often does, told/tell me that I am "wound too tight", that I need to "loosen up some".  I typcially take great offense to that and think to myself..."I'm not wound too tight...I know how to have a good time...I just don't need to act like an idiot in order to have fun and I certainly don't need alchohol to help me along".

So imagine his thinking and prepping when he approached me about the Lynard Skynard/Kid Rock concert!  I can just visualize him talking to himself..."well, I'll ask her but I'm sure she'll say no way...".  But agreeing to this concert meant a weekend with my daughter and, well, I'll do just about anything to have a few days with Bran!


True, there were a few songs in which the lyrics made me cringe and say "really?  Is it necessary to say it like THAT?"  But overall, this was a more than pleasant surprise.

Skynard simply brought back many high school memories.  Those guys were pretty laid back and played all the old favorites.  Kid Rock, however, was all over the music board.  At times I felt like I was at a head banger concert and others, a church retreat - so much so, I looked at Brandi and said, "the offering plate should be around any moment now"!  This guy was such an extremist!  And truly multi-talented.  He played the electric guitar, the bass guitar, the drums and the piano beautifully.  I mean, WHO KNEW?  We certainly didn't.  He was talkative and seriously entertaining! 

The event reinforced to me that I absolutely must not judge a book by its cover.  Never, ever.  Because had I never stepped out of my musical comfort zone, 1) I never would've experienced such a treat and 2) I would've missed a fabulous evening with my Little Bitty - and I'll NEVER let that happen!

Share my photogs, below, won't you?

  Our self, family portrait

Great backdrop

The band

Kid Rock

Michael & Brandi Lee ♥♥


Karen said...

Hey Joyce! That sounds like a great time. I'm with you, I would have never thought the concert would be terribly interesting. Glad you enjoyed. See ya tomorrow!

Marianne said...

sounds like a night of fun! cya tomorrow evening!

Brandi said...

HE.WAS.UNBELIEVABLE. :) I already want to go see him again!! God, what a treat that was. ;) Thanks again for a great weekend!! Love uurrsss!!!

Cathy said...

Good for you! xo, cathy