Friday, July 10, 2009


My Halloween plans have been laid!

I'll be in VA Beach running the Blue Moon Wicked 10k with my Little Bitty (barring any unforeseen road block in my life)!! I am psyched!!! I think this is going to be hysterical, people!

I've never run in costume before and Brandi's never run 6 miles! This is going to be a great memory in the making!

We're taking suggestions on what to wear and may need the services of a local seamstress - so don't be bashful about bragging on your talents!

You will want to stay posted for pics from this event!

**Edited to note: Hey! I just realized! My last post (below) was #200!!! I think that's some sort of milestone!!!! Who knew I had so much to talk about?! Thanks for following!!

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Brandi said...

Yaaay for Blue Moon Wicked!! I AM SO PSYCHED!! :) Can't wait!! I'm thinking we should try and find kitty head bands with ears, and then paint whiskers on our faces..Not too much though, 'cause you know, sweat and all..LOL Whatcha think?