Friday, July 17, 2009

"That's OK. You Can Just Pay Me Later"

This past Wednesday was a canvass day for me. That's a fancy way of saying I was out in the community knocking on doors trying to drum up some business. Because it was too hot to have a packed lunch tooling around with me in the car and it didn't make any sense to drive back to Bear Creek to the house to have lunch at home when I had an appointment right in town where I was (Pittsboro), I decided I would treat myself to eating out. This is a HUGE treat. I NEVER eat lunch out. I am a dedicated packer. I don't get the concept of going to the grocery store and spending all that money on food only to leave it at home and spend more money for lunch in a restaurant. To say nothing about the lack of healthy choices out there...

ANYWAY, my restaurant of choice was S&T Soda Shop. If you've never been, you need to go. And you need to eat, if nothing else, a Haw River. 'Nuff said 'bout that!

Photo courtesy of google images
(While this is not an actual photo of S&T, it is a VERY close replica.)

I refrained from the dreamy concoction and, instead, got the BLT on whole wheat w/a pickle and some ice water. I enjoyed my lunch while reading a book and being just slightly aware of the other office workers around me taking their break. After wrapping up the chapter I was reading and being inducted as a member into the clean plate club, I made my way to the check out counter. I should mention here that I NEVER have cash with me. I'm one of those people in the quick mart buying a bottle of water and a pack of gum with my credit/debit card. And it's not because I'm trying to earn frequent flyer miles, either. I just never carry cash on me. And I never eat lunch out.

As soon as I approached Vicky, the owner of S&T (along with her hubs Gene), at the counter, I remembered...they have a $5.00 limit on their debit/credit card purchases...and my total was $4.80. Really? Seriously? Vicky saw the look of horror on my face and said "That's alright honey, don't worry about it! Just pay the next time you come in. I never have any cash with me. It's no problem at all." It then occurred to me that I squandered some change from a recent bank deposit; change that was supposed to make its way to my secret hiding place at home. But, thankfully, I forgot about it and found the $20 bill tucked safe and sound in my checkbook! Whew! Vicky giggled at that, too! She said she' s always amazed at the women who can almost always find some change hanging out in the crook of her purse somewhere!

So, I happily paid for my lunch and made my way to my next appointment with time to spare.

I've thought about this episode for the last two days. And I can't help but go back to my thoughts on this place I call home... I am CONTINUALLY reminded of what it's like to live in a tiny community where, at the very least, people recognize you and are sincerely willing to help. I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience such humanity as I have and do...

I love this place I call home...even if I have to be reminded of that every now and then...

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Karen said...

that is cool! yes, there are lot's of nice people around here! see ya soon!! k