Monday, July 13, 2009

Trace, Toby & Me Make Three

Just indulge me, won't you? (And I encourage you to click on the photos to make them larger).

I'm a fan of numerous musical artists - from all genres of music. But regardless of how big a fan I am, I draw the limit on the amount of money I'm willing to spend on a ticket to any of these artists' shows. These tickets - 6th row from the stage - literally fell into Michael's lap. No charge. Free. No gimmicks. No "I'll do this for you if you do this for me". Nothing. Free and clear. Tickets in the 6th row to Trace and Toby - free. I enjoyed the show that much more because of it!

I'd like to say that my close up and personal experience Saturday night with these two gentlemen has changed my way of thinking and that, from now on, I will mortgage my home in order to pay for tickets this good. But nope. I'll still monitor my purse closely and be happy with the nose-bleed section if that's I'll I can afford. But I sure did enjoy, and appreciate, the treat we had last weekend...

Our traditional self-portrait (wow, I have big cheeks and a big nose...guess that's just me, huh?!)

Sorry, but I don't have a PG-13 rated comment I can leave here. Let's just say Trace has his game on!

See, up close and personal.

A rare, quiet moment from Toby.

The grand finale with both boys. A perfect closing performance.

(*Edited to add...hey, Toby sort of has big cheeks and a big nose like me!)

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