Thursday, July 2, 2009

The First of Three

For me, like most of you I'm sure, today is my Friday! Can I get a "holla' " in the house...whoop, whoop!

No doubt, the weekend plans for most include a cookout of some sort...maybe an outing on or near water...time with family, friends and neighbors...and "oohs and aaaahhhhsss" at all the fireworks in our hometowns...all traditional July 4th celebrations.

While I'll be honing in on such a party somewhere later in the day Saturday, I will begin my 4th of July celebration at O'Dark Thirty doing this:

The Four on the Fourth is the first of the Tri-Fecta of races hosted by Le Tour de Carrboro. And I am a sophomore to this event this year!! I love running in Carrboro. The routes the race officials put together are some of my favorites. We wind through "downtown" Carrboro and through old, established neighborhoods shaded by beautiful pines and's a real treat! And because my other half will be visiting family in KY, I will be running solo...again. But I'm sure some fine, sweaty soul will graciously accept my request to take my post-run photo, which is tradition. So, stay tuned for that glossy shot!

And however you choose to celebrate our wonderful nation's birthday, just respectful of others, be respectful of our earth and with a burning passion I ask - - - please don't drink and drive.

God Bless America - Happy 4th my blog friends, happy 4th!!

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Brandi said...

Happy 4th!!! :) And Happy Birthday to my Free! :) She's 8 today, you know...<3
Hope you have lots of fun running this morning, I'm sorry JC and I couldn't be there..but maybe we can do the next one? We'll have to see what my schedule holds..we actually both have today off together (which never happens, as you know), so we're running around doing some stuff. I'll check in later! I love uuuurrrrsssss! :)