Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just Once...just one time...

The Le Tour de Carrboro's "Four on the 4th" yesterday was FABULOUS!!! It couldn't have been a more perfect day - nice and cool in the morning and warming up JUST enough about an hour later. It was a record setting day with 565 registrants and a new course record of 20:01 (that boy was smokin'!!). Do the math, people... that's running a mile in 5 minutes - YOU try it!!

Because I was solo at the event and didn't have anywhere to be until much later in the day, I stuck around for the entire awards ceremony. Typically, there's an overall male and female winner and then there are age category winners - the top three - for men and women. I've never been particularly caught up in these awards but yesterday I felt a little pang of envy..."wow, look at her...50 and fabulous and running almost twice as fast as me...that medal sure looks good around her neck...I'd probably wear mine with my scoop-necked black ruffle can she be that much older than me and run that much faster...what do I need to do to JUST ONCE win one of those age-specific medals..."

The best part about this sport is that literally ANYONE can do it.

From two year olds... (yes, that's a blue ribbon she's holding...that she won despite running her event in a pretty patriotic slip dress)

To seventy-two year olds... (yes, that's a Boston Marathon tech tee he's wearing...which he probably earned despite being almost TWICE my age)

The little green monster didn't sit on my shoulder long. I drove home very satisfied with my personal time of 41:44 (about 10:23 per mile). And really very happy for those who trained harder than me, who ate better than me and simply ran a better race than me and, as a result, took home one of those nifty, hand-made medals.

And to reward myself, I stopped at McDonald's on the way home and picked up a "skinny" vanilla latte. Hmmm... perhaps this could be the difference between bringing home a medal and not?


Brandi said...

yaaay, you did it! :) I LOVE the yellow you're wearing! So becoming! :) Hey, are you guys running the rock 'n' roll here this year? Sharon (my hair girl) is running it, wasn't sure if you had decided for this year? It would be fun! :) Let me know! Love uuuurrrsss!!!!
Oh, and btw, Free says thank you very much for her birthday song, she loved it! <3

Karen said...

hey joyce - you are a champ to some of us just for being there! (spoken as someone who was sitting on her butt, reading on a sailboat while you were out there movin'!! )

see ya! k