Sunday, January 3, 2010

Will I Be Crooked When I'm 135?

 My mom and dad left this afternoon after a 10 day stay.  They combined spending Christmas with us with the last bathroom renovation.  And while the project is not complete, the potty and shower are now functioning and for that I am grateful! 

As many of you know, my home has been a work in progress for the last 8 years.  One room at a time we (may dad) have "updated" it and made it our own (within our very limited budget!).  During the last ten days, Daddy has painstakingly tried to update our downstairs bathroom.

Layne-Lynn Farm (circa Janaury '09)

This is our little house (above) in the woods.  According to what we've heard and researched, our house is in the neighborhood of 135 years old.  Not only that, it was relocated to where it sits today from the little town of Gulf, about twelce miles from us.  I'm sure you get where I'm going with house is crooked.  The walls are crooked, the floors are warped, no two doorways or windows are the same size and not a room in the entire house is "square".  Herein lies the challenge for any carpentry, plumbing, cosmetic work.

My dad does what he can to make each room beautiful, in my eyes.  But in EVERY project, there's had to be compromise.  I either had to have the picture on the wall hang level or have it hang so it looked straight to the naked eye but was really as crooked as a dog's hind leg!  The crown moulding bows in the middle and the baseboards look "wavy" because the floor is warped.

The downstairs bath has been no exception.  Notice the cardboard I had to place under the legs of my new little linen cabinet.  It had to be raised at least a good inch in the front in order to stand level (there's that word again).  This is only a temporary fix until leg extenders can be made/purchased.  And then there's the pedastal sink.  It doesn't line up with the overhead light fixture.  So, that meant I had to I line up the mirror with the overhead lights or with the sink - I couldn't have it both ways. 

Yep, I've learned a lot about compromise living in this old house.  And it's given me pause for consideration as I, too, grow older.  One day, I may have to compromise as I get out of bed - do I push myself up and bear the weight of my body on my achy knees or do I lay in bed a little longer and allow my back to get a little stiffer.  Do I concern myself about my knotted little fingers from arthritis that's set in or do I count myself blessed that I still have all ten fingers and they work, albeit a little slower. 

Our entire lives are a compromise.  Choices.  Remember that if you come to visit one day.  Remember that, while my baseboards may be wavy, my house is solid as a rock.  I know this because my dad compromised - - - he used bolts instead of screws!


Brandi said...

I am LOVING the grey!!!! Such a good choice!!! :) And, you got your cabinet! LOVE IT!! :)

Karen said...

joyce - how nicely spoken! i think it's lovely - we'll take you crooked too! (but i think you have a few good, straight years left!!!)

Ronalyn said...

Awesome entry. Old houses have such character. At least you know that it's not level BECAUSE of it being old. Our house, on the other hand, at 7 years old any issue is just crappy work. :)

Cathy said...

Happy New Year Joyce, love the whole post and the photos!