Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do They Resemble One Another?

Late last summer/early Fall, my husband was involved in a "case" that had a happily-ever-after ending. While he was in the family's home writing the report, he commented excitedly about the real German Nutcrackers the homeowners had on display. I've shared with you before Michael's slight obsession with the wooden figurines. Personally, I don't get it but every one's got a "thing"... I suppose his comes from his military stint in Germany. I should be happy his obsession is Nutcrackers and not Hefe Weizen or pub winches!

Imagine his surprise when an anonymous gift was left for him just a week before Christmas. There was nothing but a short note saying "thank you for the daily risks you take in order to keep our community safe." He brought the box home and we opened it together. He was thrilled and was convinced the treat had to come from the family he assisted earlier in the year.

In the box was a genuine German Nutcracker Geppetto and Nutcracker Pinocchio, complete with a nose that grows (you have to replace the short one with the long one...cute, huh?). Much to my chagrin, he found a careful place to display the dolls.

Today I was taking down the rest of my Christmas decor, to include the new Nutcrackers. As I was dusting them off, it occurred to me...Geppetto looks an awful lot like my dad...

What do you think?


Karen said...

hey joyce - yes, i have to agree that they favor each other!

does that make you pinocciho's sister?

Brandi said...

All he needs is his glasses on, LOL! :) <3