Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 Book Club Wrap Up

A year in books...

I like to give credit where credit's due, even if I'm part of the GREAT idea! Little did I know that I would be surrounding myself with warm, funny, intelligent, caring, talented women when Karen and I put out the invitation to start this little Chatham-ite book club. What a year it's been - thanks ladies!

I'd be fibbing if I said all of our selections were slam-dunk winners. They weren't. But that's okay because we still learned something from the read, even if it was the fact we simply didn't care for the book! And I know, personally, I've read books I never would have considered as a result, which has only broadened my mind and knowledge.

Our meetings prompted debate, laughter and sometimes even memories from our pasts. Many times I was content to simply sit and listen and learn and say a quiet prayer of "thank you...thank you for bringing these women into my life". And let's not forget the wine - oh, the wine! Keep your eyes open for "Sandytoes" on the shelves, you won't be disappointed! (Thank you Marianne!).

I've mentioned in past posts how in awe I am of this place I call home. And this small circle of new friends that I had no idea literally lived just down the road from me solidifies my continued amazement of this little community. We are rich in culture, the arts, small-town politics and grass roots concern. In my own selfish way, I hope we're never discovered...

Let me share a little of our Christmas party with you -

Our group (starting from the lower left corner and going around the room): Carol, Charlee, Lindy, Gretchen, Luann, Marianne, Karen and Diane. Cathy, we missed you!

Carol was our gracious hostess. How sweet is her Christmas tree all adorned in purple?

And Carol's Santas gave us a warm reception as we came into the house.

We played the Chinese gift-giving game; in other words, don't get attached to that gift because it may be ripped from your hands at any moment. Carol LOVED her Fiesta ware-looking stacking mugs and, fortunately, was able to keep them for herself!

And remarkably, no one tried to steal Marianne's Russell Stover chocolate box! I think we all agreed she deserved it after completing that Half in November! My runner girlfriend - you rock like the star you are!!! I'm so proud of you!

And this is Miss Charlee's second gift as, like I mentioned above, her first selection was lovingly taken from her earlier in the game. Ironically enough, it was a deliciously scented candle which I know she would have loved to have lit shortly after she opened it. You had to have been one of Carol's beagles causually strolled through the room!

Oh look how in awe I am of this beautiful hanging tea-light red star! I had big plans for this baby as my entire kitchen and family room is red - no, I mean RED (have you been to my house???). My excitement was short lived as I knew it would be. This was too pretty to stay in one set of hands through the night! (note to self - get to Pier One ASAP before they're sold out!)

Not to worry, I didn't go home empty handed. Nope, I received a gift card from our local Chatham Marketplace, another secret we have here in Chatham county! My plans? Lattes for me and my dad! What better gift could there be?!

And Gretchen got beautiful oil and vinegar bottles in a pretty wrought iron holder to sit atop her kitchen counter. Almost too pretty to use!

Sorry I missed the other ladies opening their gifts but trust us when we say it was a beautiful night of friendship, gifts and fellowship.

I'm looking forward to another year of books and literature.

"To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread out before you and hold intimate converse with men of unseen generations - such is a pleasure beyond compare." - Kenko Yoshida


Karen said...

Hi Joyce!!! What lovely words about our great group!

Cheers! Karen

Marianne said...

I just love you girl! You're a 'breath of fresh aire friend" and a great fellow runner-girl! Have a very merry Christmas and continue to be so blessed!

Jennie said...

Hello Joyce! You all look like you are having so much fun! What a great group of ladies!