Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm In The Hospital

Yep, that's right. In the hospital. Outpatient, Room 3.

Why? STUPID SNOW!!!!!!

I received a call today about noon from my immediate supervisor reminding me that I was on the schedule to work tomorrow, Monday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. She felt the need to remind me of that given the trecherous road conditions. She wanted to gently remind me that if I didn't make it in to fulfill my shift, I'd receive an unexcused absence (I'm this elementary school...). She suggested that I might want to consider coming in this evening and spending the night so I'd be sure to be here bright and early and ready to go at 6:45 AM. After some deliberation and pouting and nagging from my husband how what's melted today would be a sheet of ice at 6:00 AM tomorrow, I packed my bags, slugged my way to the car and got here about 5:30 this evening.

My room for the night looks something like this, minus the window of course.

And I can't find the remote to the TV. The woman staying in the room a few doors down from me relunctantly let me borrow hers. Well, actually, she walked in my room, turned the TV on, asked me what channel I wanted to watch and proceeded to push the buttons herself. I asked if she minded if I just held onto the remote for a short 3 mintues to surf through the channels myself? After I assured her I'd return the thing and gave her the name and address of my first born, she slapped the clicker in my hand and huffed back down the hall. Looks like I'll be watching something called "Snapped" all night because I'm a little afraid to approach that woman again!

Oh my God, will it ever be hot and humid again here???

Stupid snow!


Brandi said...

stupid woman!!!! what the hell, is she afraid the remote will NEVER BE RETURNED AGAIN? For pete's sake! Take it easy lady! And WHERE THE HELL IS SUMMER??????????

Karen said...

so cute!! sorry you got "admitted", but we all appreciate people who are willing to do what you do!

how did that bed sleep for someone who's not sick? (i assume no one woke you at 3am for a temp check and at 5am to draw blood??)

oh, and i'll remind you of that hot and humid comment in about 6 months!!!

Cathy said...

Hey Joyce! Good to "hear" from you and all your goings-on! I am glad you are just having a fun sleep-over instead of the real deal! Just a glimpse of your bathroom and it looks totally lovely and will be worth the wait. We pack and pack and pack....our house is listed on Zillow! A first step. Talk soon? Cathy

Marianne said...

Whew! Glad to know that you aren't a "patient!" Don't ya just love how they accommodate you so you are sure to be there?
Glad you were safe!

Just Suzie said...

I totally agree 100% about the snow, and oh how I wish it were summer! here is a poem for you, all about the sunshine, and what? SUNFLAKES !
If sunlight fell like snowflakes,
gleaming yellow and so bright,
we could build a sunman,
we could have a sunball fight,
we could watch the sunflakes
drifting in the sky.
We could go sleighing
in the middle of July
through sundrifts and sunbanks,
we could ride a sunmobile,
and we could touch sunflakes -
I wonder how they'd feel.

Frank Asch
hurry up summer! have a great day Joyce, keeping up with you. PS your cranberry bliss bars look YUMMY.